The First Ever ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie Is Coming In December

Tom Regan
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Good news anime fans, Dragon Ball Super is getting its first ever movie — and it’s coming this December. While the movie was announced last month, we got our first glimpse at the feature-length movie today during a Bandai Namco Dragon Ball Legends Livestream. Written by Mr Dragon Ball himself –Akira Toriyama — the show’s creator is also giving everyone’s favourite Super Saiyan will be getting his first new look in 20 years.

While at first glance Goku may look like the same old Saiyan, he’s actually been subtly redrawn. This time around our hero has been given a much leaner and more youthful appearance. Shedding the bulging muscles and blocky jawline he’s rocked since the Z days, the goofy fighter now looks far more reminiscent of his design from the original Dragon Ball anime and manga.

Plot details for the yet to be titled movie are still being kept closely under wraps, but it was revealed that Goku will have an entirely new Saiyan villain to face. The brief teaser shows our hero readying himself for battle in an icy tundra before charging at a mysterious villain in Saiyan armour head on.

You can catch a glimpse of the new look Goku and his foe in the teaser trailer above. Thanks to Super’s huge success in the west, this upcoming movie will be the first Dragon Ball movie to be released simultaneously worldwide.

After the huge success of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Dragon Bal FighterZ  Toei confirmed that fans can expect the new movie to cross over into the world of video games too.

With the Super anime coming to an end in Japan in the next few weeks, this brief tease for the Super movie will be a welcome distraction to those fans getting ready to mourn the loss of their favourite show.

The 20th Dragon Ball movie will be the first movie branded under the ‘Super’ series.

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