Asta Is Joining the Fight in 'Jump Force'
This week’s issue of Jump magazine revealed that the 'Black Clover' protagonist will be a playable character in the upcoming fighting game.
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'Your Name' Director Unveils New Anime Film
Makoto Shinkai next film 'Weather Child' will debut in Japan in July 2019.
The Hollywood Reporter
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'Mob Psycho 100' S2 Promo Gives a Taste of the Opening Theme
The upcoming second season will arrive to selected theaters in the U.S. on Jan. 5.
Anime News Network
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5 Best Anime Heroes of 2018
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.
Zuleika Boekhoudt
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'Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution' Has an Official Release
This year’s Pokémon summer movie hits theaters July 12, 2019 in Japan, no word yet on an international release.
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This One Manga Inspired ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Sekiro’
One manga and anime series shaped our Souls games in a huge way.
Jeremy Ray
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Rumor: Live-Action 'Cowboy Bebop' Character Breakdowns
Netflix is looking for an 'Asian (or partially Asian) man in his mid 20’s' to play Spike.
That Hashtag Show
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