‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Is Going to Blow You Away. Just Watch…

Drew Dietsch
Games Anime
Games Anime

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a new 2-D fighting game based in the Dragon Ball universe. There have been countless Dragon Ball fighting games over the decades, but none has achieved something as monumental as making you feel like you are playing an episode of the show. That time is over. Dragon Ball FighterZ has done the impossible and translated the 2-D visual style of the series perfectly and… look, you just gotta watch this. It’s jaw-dropping.

Like Living in the Cartoon

Let me get a little personal here for a second. I was a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z. As the series continued on into Dragon Ball GT and the recent Dragon Ball Super, I grew out of the franchise. I played most of the fighting games that came out – from the original Budokai all through Ultimate Tenkaichi – but even they became stale for me.

But WOW. Dragon Ball FighterZ has instantly renewed my love of this world, even if it’s from a purely visual standpoint. The artwork and animation in this are easily the most faithful translation of the show’s aesthetic ever. Not to mention that it captures the frantic and often beautiful energy of classic 2-D fighters like Street Fighter II and Marvel vs. Capcom. It’s great to see the series go back to the 2-D style of fighting as it’s simply a better format for fighting games.

If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, this is going to be a necessary experience. Even I have to admit that this has me giddy with excitement, and I haven’t felt that way about Dragon Ball in years. Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently scheduled to hit the shelves at some point in early 2018. This is going to be a long, long wait. In the meantime, let’s watch some more fights!

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