'Ace Attorney Trilogy' Is Heading to Consoles & Steam
Phoenix Wright's turnabout adventures will soon be available on PS4, XB1, Switch, and PC in early 2019.
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‘Dead Cells’ Is Getting a Custom Mode, DLC
Developer Motion Twin is planning on 'Dead Cells' first major post-release update & hopes to have it in beta in late October/early November.
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Report: Telltale Games Hit with Massive Layoffs
The company behind 'The Walking Dead' will retain a small team of around 25.
The Verge
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How ‘Black Mirror’ Is Inspiring One Dev to Move Adventure Games Forward
Here’s why the makers of 'Until Dawn' are swapping long-form spine-chillers for an ongoing collection of creepy shorts.
Tom Regan
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Bethesda Names 'Fallout 76's Map 'Appalachia'
The name was subtly dropped in a tweet from the Fallout account, along with a strange picture of a guitar sword.
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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Is Packed With Astonishing Moments
A mere two hours with the game will spark stories for days.
Jeremy Ray
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The Autumn Harvest Fest Has Arrived to 'Monster Hunter: World'
Celebrate with new gear, food, and even more quests until the festivities end on Oct. 4.
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Leaked Steam Listing Teases 'Devil May Cry 5' Multiplayer
The product listings appear to have outed a feature that Capcom itself hasn't talked about yet: online multiplayer.
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'Halo: MCC' Rolls out September Update
Including a number of improvements and fixes to address some of the most common player complaints.
Halo Waypoint
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