How ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Should End
It's been a wild ride ever since Team Voltron first flew the Blue Lion, but this wonderful journey will soon come to an end.
Chrissie Miille
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Your Netflix Experience is About to Change
The Screen Junkies talk about the recent Netflix changes as they test out video promos in between episodes.
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How Yvonne Strahovski Made Serena Sympathetic in 'Handmaid's Tale'
'It’s important for me to try to make this character as relatable as possible, even though she’s despicable.'
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" Honestly, they should just put reruns on primetime ... I just hope [the reboot] is as good as ours was. "
Alyson Hannigan on the 'Buffy' reboot
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'Lucifer' S4 Goes Biblical with 'Imposters' Star Inbar Lavi
Inbar Lavi signs on to play the original sinner Eve.
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The 'Parks and Rec' Video Game Needs to Happen
Running through Pawnee like Mario looks like too much fun. 
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Netflix's FX Team on Making Memorable Monsters
Meet the award-winning studio that made the terrifying Demogorgon in 'Stranger Things' and Robot from 'Lost in Space.'
Digital Trends
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