6 Squads We Want to Be a Part Of
Squad up! These are the pop culture squads we want to roll with.
Brian Linder
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'Van Helsing' Episode 3's Tragedy, Explained
'Van Helsing's showrunner reveals the thinking behind the game-changing episode, 'Love Bites'. 
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Where the 'Stranger Things' Kids Have Been Since S1
From a Stephen King adaptation to a Katy Perry video and a Godzilla movie.
Chris Tilly
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'South Park' Gets Old School
'Hummels and Heroin' recalls the craziness of the show's early years.
The A.V. Club
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Norman Reedus on Deadly Daryl in 'TWD' S8
‘Daryl is ready to kill everybody,’ says the star.
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'TWD' S8 Promises Mercy, but for Who?
*Spoiler free (yay!)* The 100th episode "Mercy" is exhilarating and tense.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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New 'Arrow' Brings a Shocking Twist
**Spoiler** Did that really just happen?
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CW Developing DC Comics Adaptation ‘Project 13’ 
CW is developing 'Project 13' with executive producer Elizabeth Banks.
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Ranking the 100 Greatest Moments from 'TWD'
With the 100th episode and the premiere of Season 8 upon us, time to look back at the greatest moments of 'TWD' history. 
The Hollywood Reporter
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