How ‘Discovery’ Fits in the Star Trek Universe
The 'Trek' timeline can get confusing but we have you covered.
Connor Ahluwalia
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'GoT' Gets the Winterfell Set Ready for S8
Even after the recent finale of Season 7, the studio is still hard at work remolding the Stark castle in Moneyglass to prepare for Season 8.
Winter is Coming
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Rick and His Alter Egos Are Wise Beyond Their Years
Words of wisdom from the burping genius.
Chris Tilly
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'Legends of Tomorrow' to Face Romans on the Beach
In those photos of the S3 premiere coming Oct. 10, the team looks like they arrive at a bit of problem as they face ancient Romans on the sunny shore.
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Combat-Ready Key Art for S8 of 'TWD' Released
The cast of 'TWD' is ready for battle in this latest image to promote the upcoming season.
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Spock Could Appear in 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Actress Sonequa Martin-Green, starring as Michael Burnham, teases that her character's adopted brother could show up in some way.
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Ra's al Ghul Will Be Super Evil, Says 'Gotham' Star
'This is the Ra’s al Ghul that will do awful, awful, very, very controversial things,' says David Mazouz.
Screen Rant
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Barry's Reborn in Extended S4 'Flash' Trailer
Flash fans finally have some new footage of the upcoming season premiering Oct. 10. Already seems like one to be hyped for.
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