The Role of the Marthas in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ S2
The Marthas have remained silent so far, but the upcoming season could have some shocking surprises in store.
Brittany Rivera
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A Complete List of Every Show That’s Been Renewed in 2018
Take a look at all your favorites that will be officially returning into your life 📺
Adam Salandra
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'American Idol' Will Have Live Nationwide Voting
The ABC revival is the first competition series to offer live coast-to-coast viewing.
TV Insider
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'Gotham' Unveils How Bruce Will Turn Into the Dark Knight
Executive producer Danny Cannon said the show is heading towards a 'catastrophic' event that will really change Bruce.
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" I wouldn’t wish ['Rick and Morty'] fans on any fast-food restaurant. "
Dan Harmon Addresses Szechuan Sauce Debacle
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" I can’t definitively say right now whether Season 10 will be the last time we ever see Archer grace the screen. Things are kind of up in the air. "
Adam Reed comments on possibility of Archer's death in S10
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