15 Must-See Fall 2018 Anime
It's going to be a busy season. Check out our guide to figure out what you should watch.
Zuleika Boekhoudt
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Judith Could One Day Lead 'The Walking Dead'
'I think it’s possible we could see Judith grow up and take over the whole team,' executive producer David Alpert teased.
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" Fisk has gotten smarter, more calculated, and more manipulative "
Showrunner Erik Oleson on Fisk in 'Daredevil' S3
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'Stranger Things' S3 Is Still Trying to Fill Out the Cast
'There’s a certain storyline that’s challenging that we have to keep going back to the well for,' said casting director Carmen Cuba.
The Hollywood Reporter
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Why Netflix’s New Show 'Maniac' Will Blow Your Mind
This mindbending new series might cover similar ground to 'Legion' but there are a very unique set of reasons to watch.
Scott J. Davis
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Predator Auditions for James Bond in James Corden Skit
His real name is Howard and he's sick of being type cast. 😂
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