Sansa Outsmarts Littlefinger In This Week’s ‘GOT’ Hidden Moment
Littlefinger has been sowing discontent between Sansa Stark and her sister Arya Stark, but is he the one being outsmarted?
Ryan James
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Iron Fist the Obvious Weak Link in 'The Defenders’ 
The newest Marvel series from Netflix isn't quite the sum of its parts.
Chris Tilly
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Twitter Reacts to That Shocking 'GOT' Death
**Spoiler Alert** The internet is currently in group therapy.
Sharon Kehoe
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Latest 'Teen Wolf' Packed With Fake-outs
Scott's pack pulled some pretty sneaky moves in tonight's episode (8/20).
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'Defenders' EP Says Iron Fist Teasing Isn't Meta Reaction
Executive producer Marco Ramirez says that the other Defenders teasing Danny Rand was not a meta reaction to criticism of the solo series.
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Missing Character Returns for One Last Rescue
**Spoiler Alert** A 'Game of Thrones' character believed missing made one final appearance in the second-to-last episode of the season.
Lawrence Yee
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Katee Sackhoff May Join 'The Flash' Season 4
A new report suggests that former 'Battlestar Galactica' star Katee Sackhoff will have a role in season 4 of The CW's hit series 'The Flash.'
Screen Rant
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'Prison Break's Marina Benedict Cast In 'Gotham' Season 4
'Gotham' has added Marina Benedict, who played an assassin on 'Prison Break,' as a recurring character who owns a fight club in the narrows.
Analytics Firm Claims 'Iron Fist' Is Among Most-Viewed Shows On Netflix
Analytics firm Jumpshot say 'Iron Fist' is the third most-watched show on Netflix.