Love, Anger and Klingon Subtitles 
Star Trek fans fell head over heels with Lieutenant Daft Punk but CBS ruined all the fun.
Corey Denis
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'Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey Joins 'Scream' 
Tyler Posey will join MTV's 'Scream' after a six-season run with 'Teen Wolf' which ended on Sunday. 'Scream' S3 will premiere in March.
The Hollywood Reporter
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Streaming Shows You Should Be Watching
New monsters creep in Stranger Things, Lady Gaga takes you behind the scenes and Mindy takes her final bow in this year's best fall streaming.
Lauren Gallaway
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How 'Young Sheldon' Denied First Impressions
It's no 'Big Bang Theory,' but maybe that could be a good thing.
Screen Rant
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Happy B-Day Fresh Prince!
Will Smith is turning 49, so let's hope today he doesn't run into any guys up to no good.
Exclusive Clip of Marvel's 'The Gifted' Has Been Released
It looks set to be a smash hit. 'The Gifted' premieres Monday, Oct. 2nd at 9 p.m. on FOX. 
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