Star Wars

Ron Howard Hints We're Going to Kessel in 'Han Solo'
The director teased on Twitter that the spice mines of Kessel will be one of the locations from the upcoming 'Star Wars' spinoff.
The Hollywood Reporter
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Snoke Doesn't Meet Leia in 'Star Wars 8'
In a tribute to Carrie Fisher, actor Andy Serkis recounts fond memories of the beloved actress and notes that he didn't shoot any scenes with her.
The List
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Who Is Captain Phasma? We Used the Force to Find Out
Okay, we know that's not how the Force works. But we did do some research and uncovered the mysterious trooper among troopers' backstory.
Lauren Gallaway
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How to Watch 'Star Wars Rebels' Season Four 
The animated series starts Oct. 16 and continues weekly on Disney XD.
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These Limited Edition Star Wars Sneakers Rule the Galaxy
There are only 1,000 pairs of these in existence. Many bothans died to bring us these shoes... Okay, not really. But still, these are nice.