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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ protagonist Has a Connection to Spock
Sonequa Martin-Green's character was raised by Spock's parents - and more from the 'Star Trek: Discovery' Comic-Con panel.
Brian Linder
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'Discovery's Lead Is Spock's Half-Sister
At Comic-Con Saturday it was revealed that series lead Michael Burnham is the half-sister of Mr. Spock from 'Star Trek: The Original Series.'
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'Discovery' Comic-Con Exhibit Shows off Props, Costumes and Ships
Get up close and personal look at tons of costumes, props, and more from the 'Star Trek Discovery' Comic-Con exhibit.
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'Discovery' Producer Explains Why the Klingons Look So Weird
Not everyone is happy about the Klingons' new look for the upcoming 'Star Trek' series. Allow showrunner Aaron Harberts to explain.
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‘Star Trek Discovery’ Cast Will be at SDCC
If you're beaming yourself up to San Diego this weekend for Comic Con be sure and drop in on the 'Discovery' panel. Get all the details here.
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Could Spock join the crew of 'Discovery'?
Zachary Quinto doesn't seem to think so. 'I feel like they'll be able to create an opulent world of much drama on their own.'
Star Trek
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Jonathan Frakes Will Direct An episode of 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Number One! Report to the bridge! That's right, Jonathan Frakes will take over directing duties for at least one episode of the new 'Trek' show. 
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Here's an update on 'Star Trek 4' From Zachary Quinto
The movie is supposedly in the works but few details have emerged. Spock actor Zachary Quinto has a little status report to share.
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'Discovery' is Serious about their story arc
The upcoming series 'Star Trek: Discovery' has hired fact-checkers to verify new stories against the 'Trek' canon.
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Jeopardy! Clearly a Fan of 'TNG'
Jeopardy! used two categories to drop an excellent 'TNG' Easter egg.
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'Star Wars' vs. 'Star Trek' debate leads to arrest
A 'Star Wars vs. 'Star Trek' debate between roommates ended with one of them being arrested, booked for assault. 
ABC News
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Everything We Know About Star Trek: Discovery
It took over 15 years to get another Star Trek TV show. Here's everything we know about 'Discovery' so far. 
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Which Series Had the Best Uniforms?
The fans have spoken. Deep Space Nine edged out TNG for having the best Star Trek uniforms.
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New 'Spider-Man' Has A Star Trek Easter Egg
Kirk Thatcher played 'Punk on Bus' in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. He recently confirmed the same character is also in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
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MLB Team to Host 'Star Trek' Night
The Miami Marlins will host 'Star Trek' night on Thursday, July 29. 
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