Is This Leaked Footage Telltale's 'Stranger Things'?
Unconfirmed footage of Telltale Game's 'Stranger Things' has surfaced on Reddit after the studio was shut down. 
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How 'Doctor Who' Can Change Your Life: An Essay by Jodie Whittaker
Take an inside look into the mind of Jodie Whittaker as she explains what being the Doctor means to her.
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" When I finished, well, you never really finish with 'Doctor Who.' It was sad, but not as sad as you think it is because you never leave. "
Peter Capaldi is not done with 'Doctor Who'
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What Makes Jeffrey Dean Morgan So Perfect For Comic-Book Roles?
'The Walking Dead' actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been staking his claim for comic-book movie actor extraordinaire since 2009.
Aaron Potter
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Bumblebee Is on the Run in New Trailer 
He's on a mission from Optimus Prime to save the world, but can he stay undercover long enough? 🐝
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‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Adds Color to Sci-Fi Heroism
Director Robert Rodriguez, Jon Landau & star Rosa Salazar discuss the film's diversity, difficulties, and the possibility of a sequel.
Karla Clark
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Predator Auditions for James Bond in James Corden Skit
His real name is Howard and he's sick of being type cast. 😂
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