It’s Official, ‘Die Hard’ IS a Christmas Movie
Screenwriter Steven E. de Souza goes on the record.
Chris Tilly
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‘The Addams Family’ Animated Flick Snags a Release Date
MGM's upcoming animated reboot film starring the supernatural family has set a debut date for Oct. 11, 2019.
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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Has A Message For Baby Boomers: Trust
'The Last Jedi' is more than just a Star Wars story; it's cautionary tale of mistrusting generations and the passing of knowledge.
Alexa Ray Corriea
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Why Midi-Chlorians Ruin the Magic of Star Wars
The tiny cells explain away some of the most compelling facets of the universe and cement it in the Sci-fi genre rather than Fantasy.
Lucas DeRuyter
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The cast of 'The Greatest Showman' will broadcast the 'first ever live movie commercial' during Sunday's screening of 'A Christmas Story' on FOX.
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The Most Powerful Entertainment Moments of 2017
In 2017, our screens have been graced by the powerful – Jedi, superheroes, gods, and monsters. Which are the most powerful?
Brian Linder
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