'Ragnarok' Is a Sight for Thor Eyes 
One of Marvel's best movies yet, you'll leave the cinema grinning.
Chris Tilly
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Waititi Confirms a Major Easter Egg
Whose faces are carved into the Grandmaster's Palace?
Kim Taylor-Foster
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Josh Brolin on 'Deadpool 2' Stuntwoman's Death
'The woman was such a wonderful woman … it wasn’t even a stunt, it was a freak accident. It was a terrible thing that happened,' the actor said.
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'Shazam!' Director Unveiled Release Date
According to a Reddit thread, David F. Sandberg commented that the upcoming DC movie will be out in April 2019.
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'Thor 3's Sweet Soundtrack Available
You can now hear the beautiful sounds of the upcoming Marvel film's soundtrack through iTunes and Spotify. 
Screen Rant
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Aquaman Goes for a Swim in New Photo
Here's a photo from the upcoming DC movie 'Justice League' of the ruler of Atlantis doing what he does best.
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Thor Meets the Grandmaster in New 'Ragnarok' Clip
Jeff Goldblum's character 'charms' the God of Thunder into participating as a contender in his game.
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