May the Force Be with You
 The journey towards 'The Last Jedi.'
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'Justice League 2' and 'Cyborg' Go Missing From DC Movie Lineup
Warner Bros. confirms 'Aquaman,' 'Suicide Squad 2,' 'The Batman,' 'Justice League Dark,' 'The Flash: Flashpoint,' 'Wonder Woman 2,' among others.
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Biggest Snubs, Surprises From Golden Globes
Despite a great 2017, most of your favorite films won't be getting gold statues.
Jack DeVries
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WATCH: 'Ready Player One' Trailer Is Full of Nostalgia
The new Steven Spielberg film trailer is a sci-fi explosion of 'Remember that?' 
Drew Dietsch
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‘Detective Pikachu’ Sets a Release Date
The upcoming live-action Pokemon film that will star Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton will be hitting theaters on May 10, 2019.
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'Into the Spider-Verse' and Live-Action Spider-Man Films Won't Connect
The focus of 'Into The Spider-Verse' will be on Miles Morales, with their version of Peter Parker passing the baton to his younger counterpart.
Screen Rant
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‘Creed 2’ Snags Steven Caple Jr. As Director
Rocky creator Sylvester Stallone is stepping down from the upcoming sequel and 'The Land' director will take his place to helm the project.
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‘Dark Phoenix’ Director Says Film Does X-Women Justice
'I really wanted to acknowledge the strength of the women in the comic and in the actresses that we have,' Simon Kinberg said.
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