'Minecraft' Better Together Update Hits Xbox
The 'togetherness machine' will unite Minecrafters across platforms so they can all play in one place. Check out the trailer here.
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Halo Skins Available on 'Minecraft'
Texture packs of the sci-fi Xbox classic will become accessible on the Switch version of 'Minecraft.'
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'The Oregon Trail' Revived Through 'Minecraft'
The 1970s educational computer game is brought back by the 'Minecraft: Education Edition.' How can you say learning isn't fun after this.
More Details on 3DS Version of 'Minecraft'
Here's new info on the current and upcoming plans for the latest port of this beloved game.
My Nintendo News
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'Better Together' Not Coming to 3DS Version of 'Minecraft'
The latest update for the game is available on all the other platforms except for the new 3DS port. 
Nintendo Life
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The Process Behind Making The Citadel
'Minecraft' builder Springstof comments on some of the design choices of his latest monolithic creation. Apparently, it was just a 'random idea.'
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