Coolest Parts of New 'Black Panther' Trailer
Picking the best things about the trailer was nearly impossible. 
Kim Taylor-Foster
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‘Thor 3’ Delivers Marvel’s First Bisexual LGBT Character
Tessa Thompson confirms Valkyrie's sexuality in 'Thor: Ragnarok.'
Lauren Gallaway
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Character Breakdowns for 'Gambit' Spinoff Flick
Fox has released some new character breakdowns for the upcoming X-Men spinoff film and these give us a good impression on who we can expect to see.
That Hashtag Show
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Marvel President Teased Captain Marvel to Appear In 'Avengers 4'
'The focus now is on delivering Captain Marvel,' Kevin Feige said, 'and then bringing [her] story into the finale of everything we’ve started.'
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Exclusive Look at 'The Gifted's Pulse
'[Pulse] is a really formidable opponent for the group,' actor Blair Redford said. 'He has the power to suppress other mutants' abilities.'
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How to Make Mjolnir Candy Apples 
These 'Thor' inspired candy apples would make the ultimate Halloween treat. 
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The Family Tries to Chill Out in 'Inhumans'
In the fifth episode of the Marvel series, Karnak and Crystal try to mellow out a little as the crew gets together again.
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