Indie Games

'Cupsonas' Are A Thing Now
Some fans have embraced the game’s visuals and created their own cupheaded characters.
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Sony to Publish Switch, PC Games Under New Label
A division of Sony is now helping bring games to Nintendo Switch and more.
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IGN Acquires Indie Games Shop Humble Bundle
IGN has acquired Humble Bundle, the indie games storefront best known for its pay-what-you-want bundles that raise money for charity.
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The Cuphead Rap We Always Needed
'Do not mess with a cuphead, nuff said.'
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Classic Cartoons That Inspired ‘Cuphead’
If you love 'Cuphead', these cartoons are essential viewing.
Drew Dietsch
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The Beauty and Challenge That Is 'Cuphead'
The high-stakes, indie run-and-gun video game brings an unforgettable romp through a beautiful hand-drawn world.
Doug Trein
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Some Tasty Indie Games
Games like 'All-Star Fruit Racing' and 'Donair Academy' will make you hungry just playing them.
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The Thrilling Tale of 'Cuphead'
Three passionate creators, one vision and zero game development experience. Here's the inside story of how the indie game phenomenon was born.
Tom Regan
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