5 Monster Crossovers We Need in ‘Monster Hunter World’
It's the king of crossovers. What do you wish you could fight?
Jeremy Ray
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Why 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Was so Bad 
An Australian modder named James Dickinson discovered the bug -- and it's a simple typo. 
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Playstation Boss Admits 'Fortnite' Multiplayer Shortcomings
At a gaming conference recently, Shuhei Yoshida talked about how their focus on single-player will 'push this art forward.'
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Sonic Panel Teases 'Surprise' for SDCC
Fingers crossed for 'Sonic Adventures 3' 🤞
My Nintendo News
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One of Sega's Most Absurd Ad Experiments from the '90s
The 32X was one of gaming's most absurd accessory so it only makes sense the marketing would match.
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