Fandom 100: The Most Popular Villains of 2018
We rank the biggest baddies of the year based on cold, hard data. 
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New Levels for 1993's 'Doom' Will Be Released in 2019
The free megawad titled Sigil will be comprised of a total of 18 levels, with nine for single-player and nine for deathmatch. 
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'Monster Hunter World' Teases 'Iceborne' Expansion
'Monster Hunter World: Iceborne' will debut in 2019.
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You Were Wrong to Sleep on ‘Sea of Thieves’
While you were busy playing restrictive RPGs, 'Sea of Thieves' was quietly implementing gameplay mechanics that other developers could learn from.
Jack Yarwood
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Steam’s Dominance Faces Its First True Challenger
The Epic Games store has launched a ruthless attack on Steam's market share, and devs are being won round. 
Jeremy Ray
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Norman Reedus Says 'Death Stranding' Will Launch Early 2019
The actor still have motion capture work to do for the game. 
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Diving Into ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Potential Antagonists
The trailer gives fans a lot to speculate about.
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Possible 'Borderlands 3' Character Art Leaks
It is unclear if the art is from the game's demo years ago.
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