Switch Struggles to Do ‘Starlink: Battle For Atlas’ Justice
There's a great 'No Man's Sky' meets 'Star Fox' gameplay foundation, but it struggles on the Switch.
Tom Regan
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Old Is Gold: What Game Developers Could Learn From Retro RPGs
You have to know your past to understand your present and plan for the future.
Chester Teck
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Here's What You Need To Know About 'PUBG's New Event Pass
PUBG will launch a new Fortnite-sized map and a Fortnite-style 'Event Pass' this Friday. Will it be enough to lure back players?
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Can 'Destiny 2 Forsaken' Win Back Lapsed Fans?
The game definitely makes some big changes.
Dan Sweens
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Expect a Big Update for 'Fortnite's 'Save the World' Campaign
Epic is adding a lot of huge changes to the game including a new story campaign called Canny Valley.
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Expect to See Doc Ock in PS4's 'Spider-Man'
The voice actor for Rhino leaked that the final member of the Sinister Six will have an appearance in the upcoming PS4 game.
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