Game Reviews

‘God Of War’ is 2018’s First Essential Game
With stunning visuals, a unique combat system & a surprisingly heartfelt story, Kratos' comeback is an unmissable adventure.
Tom Regan
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‘Ni no Kuni 2’ is Another Magical Ghibli Adventure
This ambitious sequel is just as charming as it is satisfying to play.
James Pickard
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'Batman: The Enemy Within' E5 Gives a Satisfying Ending
Telltale gives an introspective look at the Joker origin story and how Batman fits in.
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'Far Cry 5' Gives Us Bearable Bloodshed but Nothing Much New
Despite its brilliant cultist premise, unfortunately Ubisoft's latest open-world opus just feels like more of the same.
Mike Diver
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'Kirby Star Allies' Is a Short but Sweet Treat
The newest installment of the Kirby franchise takes squad goals to a whole new level.
Jada Griffin
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‘Sea of Thieves’ Forces Every Pirate to Make Their Own Fun
A lot of the heavy lifting in this pirate adventure is left up to the player.
Jeremy Ray
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‘Yakuza 6’ Proves Punching Solves Everything 👊
Sega's sixth installment is definitely the best looking and most heartwarming game in the series, but something is missing.
Jack DeVries
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'The Curse of the Pharaohs' Is Quiet the Afterlife Experience
The latest 'AC: Origins' DLC contains a compelling and also took a couple leaps of faith.
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Surprise, Surprise ‘Metal Gear Survive' Isn't a Great Metal Gear Game
But it could have been a solid original game if it was not saddled with being a part of a franchise.
Mike Delaney
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