Game of Thrones

People Are Freaking About Bran Being at University
Everyone has the same joke but they're all hilarious.
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Fifth 'GoT' Prequel in the Works at HBO
We already knew about four prequels but a fifth has been added. Bryan Cogman, who has worked on 'GoT' since Season 1, will write the series.
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Is Tormund Giantsbane Still Alive?
Did Tormund fall when the wall fell too? Or will he return and have a part to play in the great war? Tell us all your fan theories.
Game of Thrones Wiki
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Loving Outtakes of 'GoT' S7
With so much tension happening between the Stark sisters, there's never much time for them to bond. This video shows that they did behind-the-scenes.
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'GoT' Gets the Winterfell Set Ready for S8
Even after the recent finale of Season 7, the studio is still hard at work remolding the Stark castle in Moneyglass to prepare for Season 8.
Winter is Coming
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