Review: ‘Justice League’ Is Embarrassing For All Involved
**Spoiler Alert** High hopes for 'Justice League'? Get ready to lose every last one with a toe-curling watch.
Kim Taylor-Foster
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'JL' Opening Weekend Box Office Estimates Drop
'Justice League' was estimated to clear $110M, now it's looking to haul in the lowest numbers of the 5 DC Extended Universe films.📉
The Hollywood Reporter
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In Defense of ‘Justice League’
The DC team-up has a lot more going for it than you may have heard.
Drew Dietsch
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6 of the Best Times Anime Fused with Western TV Shows
Once in a blue moon, the world's of anime and western tv shows combine and it's glorious...and kinda weird. 
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Every Easter Egg We Spotted in ‘Justice League’
In-jokes, callbacks and hidden messages galore: could you spot any others?
Chris Tilly
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What Woody and Buzz Would Sound Like as Batman and the Joker
Troy Baker, who has voiced both Batman and the Joker, takes on an iconic 'Toy Story' scene.
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'Gotham' Channels Sweeney Todd
'Let them eat pie' featured songs. And pie. Sound familiar? 🤔
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'Flashpoint' Movie to Explore the 'Batman Story of It All'
Ezra Miller and DC CCO Geoff Johns provide a detailed update on the standalone Flash movie, 'Flashpoint.'
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