Ben Affleck Is Snyder's Favorite Batman
Director Zack Snyder took to social media to celebrate 'Batman Day' and declared Affleck as the 'best Batman ever.'
Screen Rant
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Some Forgettable Batman Games
Since it's 'Batman Day,' let's look back at these Batman games that have gathered dust over the years.
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Danny Elfman Celebrates 'Batman Day'
The composer who is currently working on the 'Justice League' film wishes all you Dark Knight fans out there a happy 'Batman Day.'
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A Happy Face Is Coming to Telltale's 'Batman'
**Spoiler Alert** This beloved character will be making a debut in episode 2 of Telltale's DC series.
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'Gotham' Might Have Plans for Calendar Man
'There’s been a lot of conversations about him. We got really close to using him this year, but we could not,' executive producer John Stephens said.
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Harley Quinn Takes Over 'Batman Day' 
Harley offers the argument of why she is far more important to pop culture than the Dark Knight.
The Hollywood Reporter
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A Dark Knight Is Beginning to Rise on 'Gotham'
'There is a time for masks, and a time for Bruce Wayne,' Alfred advises to his young master.
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