American Horror Story

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'AHS' Season 7 Teaser Leaks Online
A promo for the new season comes to us via FX Latina America.
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Could Lana Winters Make a Comeback?
The final hint from show creator Ryan Murphy suggests she just might.
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'AHS' Creator Drops Final new title hint
Let's just say it has something to do with bees. Lots and lost of bees.
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Dunham Joins ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7
'Girls' writer/director/star Lena Dunham will be joining the cast of 'American Horror Story' for season 7.
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Hot 'AHS' Rumor Put to Bed
Vera Farmiga will not be appearing on 'American Horror Story' Season 7.
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All the Juicy Details for Season 7
It's been months since American Horror Story was renewed for a seventh season, and hints and details have begun to trickle in.
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