Fan Contributor Program FAQ

Who is eligible to become a Fan Contributor?

All fans 18 years of age and over are eligible.

What type of articles will Fan Contributors write?

That’s really flexible: They can be opinion pieces, listicles, news items, reactions to news items, or more.

Will we be able to choose the articles we write?

You’ll be able to “pitch” articles of your own choosing, as well as choose from a list of available “assignments” compiled by Wikia staff. In either case, we’ll want you to focus on your particular area of expertise: If you’re a Marvel fan, for example, you won’t be expected to write an article about Call of Duty (unless you’re also a Call of Duty fan!).

How many articles per month are Fan Contributors expected to create?

At this point, Fan Contributors will be required to create at least two articles per month to be considered active.

How is this different from Wikia’s existing user blogs?

User blogs will still exist, and you will be free to post to them as much or as little as you’d like. But being a Fan Contributor is a more “professional” experience: For every Fan Contributor article you write, a Wikia staff member will work with you to edit the piece and get it ready for publication.

Will articles be bylined with our real name?

We encourage Fan Contributors to use their real name; however, we understand there are some situations where this is not desirable, and we can work with you to find an alternative solution.

Will we be able to publish Fan Contributor articles elsewhere?

Articles published to the Fan Contributor platform will be the sole property of Wikia and cannot be published elsewhere without permission.

Will we be paid for the articles we create?

No, but you will build up a body of work and an audience that you’ll be able to carry with you to other professional opportunities if you choose. And, as Fan Contributors advance through the program, they may gain access to creative talent, preview events, and more.

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