DiCaprio To Play Da Vinci
Fun fact, Leo's mom gave him his name after feeling him kick for the first time while pregnant. At that moment she was looking at a Da Vinci painting.
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QUIZ: Which ‘Black Panther’ Character Are You?
Are you the reigning king of Wakanda or a badass warrior woman? Take our quiz to find out!
Colette Smith
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Killmonger Solves Marvel’s Villain Problem in a Big Way
The new antagonist brings something very important to the MCU landscape.
Drew Dietsch
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‘Monster Hunter: World’ Secrets You May Not Know
We'll still be learning about this world long after we're finished.
Jeremy Ray
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‘Bayonetta' and 'Bayonetta 2’ Are Beautifully Weird Masterpieces
Platinum Games' action classics have arrived on Switch. But is Nintendo's new hybrid the definitive place to play them?
Tom Regan
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" There are two directors who are our inspirations: Kurosawa and Miyazaki. "
Wes Anderson talks about his inspiration for 'Isle of Dogs'
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Visit the Upside-Down with These New 'Stranger Things' Action Figures 
Check out this preview of the new 'Stanger Things' lineup from McFarlane Toys, featuring Mike, Will, and Punk Eleven.
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'Jumanji's Ser'Darius Blain First to Join 'Charmed' Reboot Cast 
He'll play Galvin in this 'feminist' reboot, the ideal boyfriend. He's a filmmaker who has yet to catch the break he thinks is just around the corner.
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