Trailers to expect at Comic-Con 2017
If we don't see these next week, we're cracking skulls. 💀
The Independent
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Shocking Moments from the 'Discovery' Premiere
The first Star Trek television series in twelve years brought a lot of drama, action, and questions.
Lawrence Yee
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The Final Battle at Beacon Hills Is Over
With the 'Teen Wolf' series coming to a close, the war between Scott and Gerard did not disappoint in this last episode.
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‘Kingsman 2' Takes No. 1 Spot from 'IT'
'The Golden Circle' opened at nearly $40 million knocking 'IT' from the top spot while 'Ninjago' disappointed with a ~$21M opening.
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Arrowverse Crossover to Be Like a 'Four-Hour Movie'
'Arrow' star Stephen Amell commented that CW's Arrowverse crossover, titled 'Crisis On Earth-X,' is going to be massive.
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New 'Thor 3' Posters Released
Just looking at these will make any Marvel fan even more hyped for the third installment of the god of lightning's film series. 
Flickering Myth
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