Could We Have a New James Bond Contender? 
BBC1's 'McMafia' star James Norton is attracting a lot of attention for his Bond-like skills in the upcoming drama series. 
The Independent
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‘Yakuza Kiwami 2’ Mixes Virtual Tourism and Macho Melodrama
This shiny new remake is a perfect reminder of what makes this wonderfully OTT Japanese mobster sim so endearing.
Andi Hamilton
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James Gunn Will Not Be Reinstated for 'Guardians 3'
After meeting with Gunn, Disney and Marvel will stand firm on their decision.
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This Is How Much Your 'Skyrim' Home Costs in Real Life
The Dovahkiin should stop fighting dragons and become a house flipper!
Games Radar
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Star Wars Spin-Off Featuring Tatooine Was Put on Hold
Right now, the future of the Star Wars franchise is a bit unclear ... but it seems new plans for Tatooine were recently in play.
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'Diablo 3' Is Officially Coming to Switch
The 'Diablo III Eternal Collection' will arrive to the Nintendo console sometime this fall.
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Sony hit a new milestone by selling an incredible amount of PS VR systems worldwide 🎉
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