The Star Wars franchise has reportedly overtaken Harry Potter at the worldwide box office by $8.55 billion to $8.53 billion respectively.
Screen Rant
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5 Most Historically Inaccurate Video Games
Don’t rely on these games to provide a helpful history lesson.
Seth Eislund
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The Biggest Things to Expect from SDCC 
No MCU. No Star Wars. No Problem.
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‘Mamma Mia’ 2 Is a Sappy Sequel Which Dissolves Into the Cher Show
The 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!' has a few charming moments and one helluva celebrity cameo.
Lawrence Yee
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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Iron Man 3’ Writer Unrepentant Over That Twist
'It f***ed everyone off. We are unrepentant. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of, that twist' says Drew Pearce.
Chris Tilly
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‘Mothergunship’: The Mother of All Shooter Genre Mashups
Taking all your favourite FPS games and adding some ridiculous weapon crafting.
Jeremy Ray
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'Rugrats' Revived for New Series & Feature Film 
The show will return to Nickelodeon for 26-episode run, and it will get a live-action feature film with CGI characters. 
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Julie Taymor Has an Idea for an ‘Across the Universe’ Sequel
'Across the Universe' director Julie Taymor and star Jim Sturgess discuss the similarities between the film and politics today.
Adam Salandra
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Can’t-Miss Video Game Panels at SDCC
Lara Croft, Zombies galore, Marvel, aaannnnnddddd 'Jump Force'? Here are FANDOM's picks for the top 5 video game panels at SDCC.
James Tedesco
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