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Someone Needs to School Negan on Cult Leadership
'The Walking Dead' baddie is a few college credits short of a passing grade.
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FANDOM 100: The Most Popular Villains of 2018
We rank the biggest baddies of the year based on cold, hard data. 
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How Games Changed Tony Hawk's Life—and Sport—Forever
The skateboarding icon talks his video game legacy and what went wrong with 'Pro Skater 5.'
Tom Regan
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Why Joan Lee is Such an Important Part of the Stan Lee Story
He may have been the father of Marvel, but Joan was just as much of a superhero. 
Sabina Stent
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Exclusive: 'Spider-Verse' Producers Want Marvel to Reboot It in 2038
'Maybe when they finally, 20 years from now, start to get stale they might go like ... ‘Hey, maybe we should… reboot this.'' 
Kim Taylor-Foster
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Watch the Patriots & Steelers Face Off in a Real-Life 'Civil War'
The Steelers are looking to "avenge" last season's loss in the NFL match-up this Sunday. Watch the motion comic preview!
Brett Bates
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This One Manga Inspired ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Sekiro’
One manga and anime series shaped our Souls games in a huge way.
Jeremy Ray
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🎥 Review: 'Once Upon A Deadpool' Loses Its Edge as a PG-13 Film
Screen Junkies take a look at the Merc with a Mouth's holiday debut.
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