New 'Discovery' S1 Chapter 2 Posters Unveiled
Though the Star Trek series on a break, CBS was nice enough to give us a look at these cool new posters for the upcoming chapter. 
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How the 'Ready Player One' Film Differs from the Book
Here are the parts of the book that made the cut and the ones that didn't in its film adaptation.
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'Indiana Jones 5' Set to Start Work in Apr. 2019 
Steven Spielberg confirmed that it's officially happening 😁
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Original 'Avengers' Writer Working on New Marvel Film
'I’m gonna do one more Marvel, one more project in the Marvel Universe,' said Zak Penn. What could it be?
Screen Rant
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Constantine Is Here to Stay on 'Legends of Tomorrow’ S4
It's official! Matt Ryan is permanently joining the team aboard the Waverider!
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John Cho Added to 'The Grudge' Remake
Acting alongside Andrea Riseborough ('Black Mirror'), Cho's character has not yet been revealed.
Bloody Disgusting!
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Why 'God Of War' Isn't the Game You're Expecting
The game has evolved into something completely different.
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Everyone Is Fair Game in 'The Handmaid's Tale' S2
'Anyone could die,' said executive producer Warren Littlefield.
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'God of War' Will Bring Out All the Feels 😭
We spoke to the game's creative director about the surprisingly heartfelt approach to one of the most infamous anti-heroes.
Tom Regan
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