'Attack on Titan 2' Coming to America and Europe
Take care of all those pesky Titans in this new anime-based game that confirmed a western release for early 2018. 
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Shameik Moore Is Down to Play Miles Morales in Live-Action Movie
FANDOM sat down with the stars of 'Into the Spider-Verse' and asked them questions directly from the fans. 
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Screen Junkies Gives Their Take on the Top Villains of 2018
Following the release of the FANDOM 100, Screen Junkies unveiled their favorite villains from movies and TV in 2018. 
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Exclusive: Suda51 Confirms Work on 'No More Heroes 3'
He says the threequel will tie into the upcoming 'Travis Strikes Again' & feature 'Thanos-esque' villains.
Tom Regan
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The Controversial Evolution of Archie Andrews
To celebrate 77 years of Archie, here's how he went from Mickey Rooney-inspired 'square' to 'Riverdale' hottie.
James McMahon
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‘Bumblebee’ Villain Shatter Was Based on an OG Transformer
Director Travis Knight explains the inspiration behind new bad bots Shatter and Dropkick. 
Kim Taylor-Foster
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5 Best Anime Heroes of 2018
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.
Zuleika Boekhoudt
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