Tom Hardy's Rap Mixtape From 1999 Has Been Released 
You heard that right. Listen to 'Falling on Your Arse in 1999' by 'Tommy No 1 + Eddie Too Tall.' You know you want to. 🎧
Tommy No 1 + Eddie Too Tall
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‘Solo’ Runs on Pure Nostalgia Fuel and Fuzzy Feelings
This prequel is sweet, easy to consume, but mostly full of air.
Drew Dietsch
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" We have no desire to 'adapt' the twelve issues ... they will, however, be remixed. The tone will be fresh and nasty and electric and absurd. "
Damon Lindelof Updates 'Watchmen' Fans on HBO Series
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Ryan Reynolds & Michael Bay Team up for 'Six Underground'
With the 'Deadpool 2' actor set to star, this upcoming Netflix film is looking to be on par with 'Bright.'
The Hollywood Reporter
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The 'Overwatch' Anniversary Is Finally Here 🎊
Prepare yourself for a mountain of new content that's heading your way.
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‘Krypton’ Renewed for S2
Seg-El will return to Syfy in 2019.
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'Yakuza 3,' '4' & '5' Are Getting Remastered for PS4 in Japan
Sadly no word on when people in the west can get a piece of that action.
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'Overwatch' Is Going LEGO Soon
LEGO, Nerf, and Uniqlo have all acquired the licensing rights to make their own products based on the popular Blizzard game.
Dot Esports
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