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'DOOM Eternal' Take the Series to a Ludicrous New Level
Here's everything we know so far the game following the reveal of the fast & furious gameplay.
Andi Hamilton
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'Infinity War' Is More Movie Than You Can Handle
Screen Junkies have finally given the incredible MCU crossover film an Honest Trailer.
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Tessa Thompson in Talks to Star in 'Lady and the Tramp'
This MCU star might lend her voice as the lead in this live-action/CG hybrid.
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How ‘Riverdale’ Stands Out From Other Teen Dramas
From getting rid of love triangles to being intentionally diverse, we love how 'Riverdale' is different.
Yael Tygiel
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The New Spock Has Been Cast in 'Star Trek: Discovery'
Ethan Peck is about to boldly go where Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto have gone before. 
Lauren Gallaway
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Stolen Passwords Discovered for Sale on Dark Web
Pirates are selling hundreds of passwords for Netflix, HBO, Hulu and many more on the Dark Web. Change your password, folks!
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Hulu Renews 'Castle Rock' for S2 & Could Feature New Cast
The streamer says the J.J. Abrams/Stephen King anthology had a strong opening on its premiere day.
The Hollywood Reporter
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Why Thea Queen’s Arc on ‘Arrow’ Ended Perfectly
We are going to miss Thea Queen on 'Arrow,' thankfully she got to leave on her own terms.
Kat Calamia
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