" Absolutely "
Marvel Studios pres. Kevin Feige on if he wants Ryan Coogler to direct a 'Black Panther' sequel
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Things You Need to Know Before You Buy 'Sea of Thieves'
Interested in 'Sea of Thieves' but not sure its right for you? We've got you covered.
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" You want to get off the train before they push you off "
Chris Evans gets ready to leave his role as Captain America.
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‘Sea of Thieves’ Forces Every Pirate to Make Their Own Fun
A lot of the heavy lifting in this pirate adventure is left up to the player.
Jeremy Ray
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The New 'Deadpool 2' Trailer Is Actually About the Movie
X-Force assemble. 💪
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Original Star Wars Soundtracks Being Remastered for May the Fourth
We're getting shiny new CDs of the first six films' scores, complete with collectible mini posters. *Hums Imperial March for rest of year.*
Star Wars
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Exclusive: Third 'Pacific Rim' Movie Sets Up Something Pretty Cool
Writer-director Steven DeKnight discusses 'Pac Rim' 3 and potential Godzilla/King Kong crossover.
Chris Tilly
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Who is Adam Strange on 'Krypton'?
'Krypton' introduced fans to Superman's past, but who is the mysterious visitor from Superman's future, Adam Strange?
Lauren Gallaway
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7 Underrated ‘Rick and Morty’ Characters
There's more to the Adult Swim show than just Rick, Morty, and Mr. Poopybutthole.
Seth Eislund
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Meet the Man Behind the Voice of Your Most Fav Characters
Phil LaMarr is one of the most prolific voice actors in history. 
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