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Values matter.

We're passionate people. Collaboration, balance, and community are at the core of our company culture.



We believe a team is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Value Balance


We live and breathe pop culture, but working late is for the birds.

Value Heart


Pop culture beats within us and is the reason we show up each day.

Value Trust


Honesty and integrity are embedded in our culture and at the core of everything we do.

Value Community


Together we have the privilege of empowering enthusiasts, experts, and die-hard fans.

See for yourself.

Here's what some of our folks have to say about WikiaFandom.

JJ Pineda Headshot
JJ Pineda Designer, SalesWikiaFandom encourages us to be ourselves and embrace our passions. It’s that idea that makes WikiaFandom such a unique place to work.”
Therese Bataclan Headshot
Therese Bataclan Community Development “Here at WikiaFandom I get to empower a community that gets excited about the things I get excited about: fandom and pop culture.”
Liz Lee Headshot
Liz Lee Engineering Manager “It’s been a treat watching our platform evolve and modernize. I feel like the work I do makes a difference in the product and the lives of fans.”

Be part of a global company.

From San Francisco to Poznan, London to Tokyo, Wikia is rapidly growing its global footprint and we love office visits.

San Francisco. Los Angeles. Chicago. New York City. Sterling. London. Cologne. Poznan. Tokyo.

Be part of the Wikia Global Company Be part of the Wikia Global Company

Our Benefits

Working at WikiaFandom comes with plenty of perks, besides free coffee.

Paid Time Off Icon

Paid Time Off

Work hard so you can go play hard. Surf’s up.

Health Coverage Icon

Health Coverage

Going to the doctor is stressful enough. Get medical, dental, vision, and more covered.

Parental Leave Icon

Parental Leave

There's nothing more important than family, and WikiaFandom wants you to spend time with your new one.

Retirement Icon


It's never too early to think about that beach house you always wanted.

Volunteer Time Off Icon

Volunteer Time Off

If you're passionate about a cause, be proactive about it while getting paid for it.

Skill Up Icon

Skill Up

Learn something new or get additional education to further your career on WikiaFandom's dime.

Open Positions

Ad Operations

Don’t start something you can’t finish. The ad operations team works closely with sales to execute campaigns and make it rain. They strike the right balance between advertiser, company, and community needs, and have the results to prove it.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (or BI) is the team that measures Wikia’s pulse. They work cross-functionally to uncover value from every aspect of the company and problem solve by wearing many hats. Through a mix of business, analytics, and engineering, they know how to optimize Wikia for top performance.


Get as close to the fans as possible. The community organization is a global, multi-lingual team of community experts (technical, development, and support), focused on providing users with the best experience and smoothest service.


Meet the beating heart of Wikia. The engineering team writes the code that makes everything go. It’s both an art and a science, even some would call it magic. Regardless, it all falls apart without them.


Our Facilities team is responsible for creating and maintaining the distinctly Wikian environments in our offices globally. From San Francisco to Tokyo to Poznan, the team ensures that we have fully stocked pantries, unique tools for employees around the world to collaborate, and various ways to enjoy much needed down-time any time.


Literally represent company value. The finance team at Wikia is the epitome of balance. From balancing the books to balancing the demands of a rapidly growing company, they simplify the complexity of Wikia’s global operations.

Human Resources

So you’re a people person, huh? The human resources team value the differences of the Wikia community just as much as the similarities. They have a passion for people and believe the right ones together create an unwavering success story.


Are you that person everyone comes to for tech help? The IT team works harder so everyone else can work smarter. They provide the tools and support to ensure that Wikians can perform their daily tasks without those pesky rainbow wheels.


Our legal team makes sure that all of our I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.


Be part of something big. From PR to events, emails to social media, the marketing team works with organizations across the company, and external clients, to create a brand experience that fans love.


Become a master sleuth. Our Product Managers discover solutions that makes our users happy as well as our bosses. They empower our people to reach ambitious goals, working with multiple teams across the company.


Because even Tony Stark has sponsors. The sales team’s mission is the create smart and strategic partnerships with the world’s leading companies. By doing so, they boost the power of Fandom for fans and advertisers alike.

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