‘Zootopia’: 10 Reasons We Love Judy Hopps

Movies Disney
Movies Disney

Zootopia is a buddy cop movie for kids about a rookie bunny officer, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), who teams up with a con artist fox, Nick (Jason Bateman), to solve a missing persons case in a city of humanlike animals. Judy is an optimist; she sees everything through rose colored glasses and tries her best to be good at what she does. Zootopia isn’t your average animated film as it deals with real issues like prejudice and tolerance. Of course, it’s ultimately Judy’s story and she has many memorable moments throughout.

Here’s why Hopps is the tops in Zootopia. WARNING: this article contains spoilers!

Judy Thinks What We All Think at the DMV


We all can relate to Judy’s frustration of the long drawn-out process of waiting to be helped at the DMV. Thankfully ours don’t employ sloths.

Judy Is Always the Optimist


She has bad days just like the rest of us, but she’s still able to look on the bright side.

Judy Makes Friends With Everyone, Even a Mobster


She may be a cop but that doesn’t mean she can’t be friends with a Don Corleone arctic shrew.

Judy Looks out for the Little Guy


She isn’t afraid to step up and put herself out there in order to help out the less fortunate.

Judy Gives Compliments Freely


She notices others and goes out of her way to make them feel appreciated.

Judy Is a Drama Queen


She does sometimes overreact to certain situations. Who knew that bunnies were prone to dramatics?

Judy Is Miss Sassy Pants


She knows how to use her words to manipulate others to help her achieve her own means. Don’t we all?

Judy Loves Her Family


While her parents didn’t approve of her moving to the big city, she still keeps in contact with them and her 275 siblings.

Judy Is Able to Get Over Her Prejudices


She was bullied by a fox as a child and still she asked Nick to become her partner. That’s some character growth!

Judy Loves to Dance


Especially to her favorite song “Try Everything” by Gazelle.

Disney’s Zootopia is available to own on DVD and Blu-ray today.

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