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‘Yoshi’s Wooly World’ 3DS Port Announced, Has New Levels

Yoshi’s Wooly World had to be the cutest platformer of 2015. The Wii U release took the already adorable Yoshi sidescroller template and then reskinned it in yarn and fabric to give the world an even softer touch. If you missed out on the game, good news! Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS is coming to the portable February 3 in North America.

The game will adapt every single level of the original version of Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS. Yes, that adaptation loses the HD visuals, but that’s a small price to pay for playing it on the go. Though the footage didn’t show what will be happening on the second screen during gameplay, so who knows what will be added there. But the more important question for Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS is what’s new.

It’s the Poochie Show!

Yoshi’s canine buddy has been hanging around since Yoshi’s Island (he even pre-dates Poochie from The Simpsons), and Poochie played a significant role in Yoshi’s Wooly World. And his role will be expanded even more in Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS. The big-tongued pup will get new his own solo stages created just for the handheld port. Additionally, Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS adds Poochie Pups to the game. The tinier versions of the yarn dog will assist in finding secret items throughout the stages. Poochie is also getting an expanded role with his own amiibo to hang out alongside the Yarn Yoshi one everyone fell in love with last year. Take a look at the lovely images Nintendo tweeted out this morning.

  And last of all, Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS will include many short, stop motion films that star Yoshi and Poochie. Just like the rest of Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS, it looks incredibly cute.

Yoshi’s Wooly World 3DS and the Poochie amiibo will hit North America stores on February 3 next year.

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