Watch Our Recap of 2016’s Biggest Moments in TV, Movies, and Games: The Year in Fandom

Brian Linder
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2016 is drawing to a close, and it’s time to revisit the year’s biggest moments in TV, movies, and games. It’s been a year of ups and downs for fans of pop culture, and we’ve highlighted the things that impacted us the most. Take a look back at the Year in Fandom 2016…

The Year in Fandom – TV: Jon Snow Lives, ‘Westworld’ Mystifies and More

This past year, TV was definitely a forum for fan-friendly franchises. The DC Arrowverse grew into a live action Super Friends, while Marvel added to its stellar, street-level batch of shows. A host of old shows came back from the brink while fan-favorite characters endured resurrections, reboots and ruthless deaths… many of which still sting! Here’s the Fandom Entertainment team to walk you through our 10 favorite TV moments of 2016.

The Year in Fandom – Movies: ‘Deadpool’ Dominates, Spider-Man Swings Into ‘Civil War’ and More

This was a huge year for movie fans, with new franchises popping up alongside changes to old favorites, heartfelt goodbyes to legendary performers and new opportunities for young stars. That’s a lot to unpack, so here’s the Fandom Entertainment team with our 10 favorite movie moments of 2016.

The Year in Fandom – Games: ‘Pokemon GO’ Captures the World’s Attention, VR Debuts and More

2016 was huge for games! We had new consoles announced from Microsoft, Sony AND Nintendo, major advancements in virtual reality, and fan-favorite franchises finally finishing up or coming back new and improved as we head into the NEXT next generation of gaming. Here’s the Fandom Games team with our list of 10 favorite moments in video game fandom from 2016.

Brian Linder
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