The Year in Fandom Awards: The Winners!

Did you have a happy holiday season? Hopefully, you had a great time spent with loved ones and experiencing your favorite media, be it TV, movies, or games. We at celebrated the end of the year by pulling together a list of our favorite TV, movies, and games into some magical winter time lists! Not only that, but we let all of our lovely readers (yourself included) vote for which was best.

And so, now that 2017 has begun, we’ve counted the votes and are ready to present the winners of all 18 awards! Take a look at the best stuff 2016 had to offer…

Best TV Show of the Year: Stranger Things

Biggest TV Plot Twist: Negan Kills Glenn, Too


Best TV Hero: Jon Snow

Best TV Villain: Negan

walking dead negan sing me a song feature hero

Best New TV ShowStranger Things

Best TV Show, Reboot or RepriseVoltron: Legendary Defender

Voltron victorious

Best Original MovieArrival


Best Movie Fight Scene: Airport Fight (Captain America: Civil War)

Best Movie Villain: Darth Vader

Rogue One

Best Movie Hero: Deadpool

deadpool black friday

Best Family-Friendly FilmZootopia

Best Franchise Film, Sequel or Reboot: Captain America: Civil War

Best Video GameOverwatch

Gaming’s Best VisualsOverwatch

Best Moment in a Game: Crash Bandicoot in Uncharted 4

Best Moment Games 2016

Gaming’s Sleeper Hit: Stardew Valley

Best Indie GameFirewatch


Gaming’s Best Remake or RemasterRatchet and Clank

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