‘XCOM 2’ Alien Hunters DLC Details

Matthew Hadick

It’s time to get excited, XCOM fans — “Alien Hunters,” the second DLC pack for XCOM 2, will be available on May 12. This expansion promises a ton of exciting new gameplay content for the campaign, including a new story mission, a new set of weapons and armor, updates to the Avenger’s Armory, and three new alien units to wage war against.


Here’s what will be included in the pack:

  • Viper Kings: These rulers will show up randomly throughout the campaign after you’ve completed the “Alien Hunters” mission. Each one has their own unique strategy. These aliens will leave battle, escaping to fight another day.
  • Bolt Caster: This is a high damage single-shot weapon. I imagine it’s something like a compound bow.
  • Hunter’s Axe: A new blade weapon that can be used to melee or from afar.
  • ShadowKeeper Pistol: A pistol that includes the Shadowfall ability, which has a 100% hit chance and puts the user into concealment with every confirmed kill.
  • Frost Bomb Grenade: This grenade allows you to freeze weapons, rendering them useless on the battlefield.
  • Ruler Armor: There are three new suits of Armor, each fashioned from the corpse of the aforementioned Viper Kings. Each suit will have its own set of perks and powers.

“Alien Hunters” will be available on May 12 for $9.99. Owners of the Reinforcement Pack should be able to download the DLC automatically upon its release — make sure you don’t purchase the DLC separately, because you’ll be charged for it.

Matthew Hadick
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