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Wyvern egg quests in Monster Hunter World require you to sneak into a Rathian’s nest, steal a wyvern egg and make it back to your campsite. You’ll need to do this twice, and deposit the eggs in your item box.

As with many things in Monster Hunter World, these wyvern eggs (and other items you’ll retrieve) are requested in the name of science — but will more likely be used for food.

Shoutout to Chef's Choice

Your first tough wyvern egg delivery quest will be taking a Rathian’s egg from its nest at the very top of the giant tree in the ancient forest, and delivering it to the item box in the nearby campsite.

Here’s the thing about a Rathian. Once it spots you with one of its wyvern eggs, it will not stop pursuing. You know how monsters will sometimes get bored, and shoot off elsewhere? Not this time, Fiver.

Get ready for hot fire on your tail, swipes that’ll knock you back and frantically checking your map to figure out how to get into the nearest campsite without pissing off a wyvern.

Any kind of knockback can cause you to drop the wyvern egg — as can the Rathian’s roar, long drops or running out of stamina.

So here are a few tips to guide that wyvern egg back to your campsite. For science.

Kill the Rathian

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. A dead Rathian is a Rathian that can’t chase you. But seeing as you’re on a quest for wyvern eggs, the rewards for actually killing a Rathian will be minimal.

Once you’re more comfortable with the below techniques, it’s a lot quicker to sneak the egg into the campsite. Taking the time to kill this flying wyvern is the long option.

Plus — it’s just more fun to run from the Rathian holding a wyvern egg. Imagine Zoidberg’s “woop woop woop!” as you high-step away from that fiery breath.

Kulu-Ya-Ku Vambraces

The gear made from Kulu-Ya-Ku parts allows you to more effectively carry the egg. Makes sense.

The armour skill you’re looking for is Pro Transporter. Its effect is:

Increases your speed while transporting items and decreases the likelihood of dropping them.

You’ll walk quicker, and drop the wyvern egg less. It’s just a shame it doesn’t let you use the egg as both weapon and armour.

Find Nearby Campsites

This is one that’ll help with general gameplay as well, but you should have a look at all the available campsites in each zone, and make sure you’re carrying your egg to the closest one.

The difference this has on egg quests is massive. In the Ancient Forest, it’s a game-changer. You literally have to slide down a slope and walk along a branch, as opposed to solving a massive verticality puzzle with a Rathian breathing down your neck.

Be sure to check the number of campsites for each area on our wiki. If you’re missing one and it’s close to the wyvern nest, you could be making this unnecessarily hard.

Clear the Path

Smaller flying creatures like Wingdrakes in your path will totally tell on you if they see you carrying an egg. Once that shriek happens, the Rathian won’t be far away.

You can solve this by tracing your path beforehand, taking out whatever minor threats you see.

Don’t be mad at the wingdrakes though. If you hit them with your slinger and then latch on, they’ll fly you up to the top of the map, very close to where the wyvern eggs are.

Use the Ghillie Suit

Yep — it works! Just be sure to put it on before you pick up the wyvern egg.

I find a wyvern will sometimes still hang around and look for you, or appear to be “sniffing” around for you. It might even agro onto your Palico. You should also be aware that before flying wyverns take off, they often scream — which will force you to drop the egg if you’re close.

You can also crouch while carrying an egg, which means you can hide yourself in a bush.

Stop, Drop and Roll

You can roll while carrying the wyvern egg, so be sure to abuse those invincibility frames if the wyvern is swiping at you. Make sure to roll a few times to stop any fire effects as well, though it’s very important to watch your stamina.

Also, remember that while you won’t take damage from falling in Monster Hunter World, there is a threshold of fall distance that will force you to drop the egg when you land. It’s quite a large distance, so it’s usually just a worry if you’re attempting a highly ambitious drop — such as from the top of the Ancient Forest tree to a lower campsite.

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