WTH Is ‘The Jellies!’ and Why Should You Care?

Brian Linder

Adult Swim, home to fan-favorite animated series like Rick and Morty and Squidbillies, has something new on the way for fans of the network’s off-the-wall mature comedy. The Jellies! is coming from Tyler the Creator and Lionel Boyce (Loiter Squad).

So, what you might not have picked up there is that The Jellies! is about a 16-year-old human boy named Cornell who lives with a family of foul-mouthed jellyfish. But when Cornell finds out that he’s adopted, he’s shocked by the news and spirals out of control while trying to find himself.

Sure. Why not, right?

Tyler and Boyce are partners in Odd Future, and they’ve worked together on Loiter Squad, the Adult Swim sketch comedy series. Tyler, a musician and rapper, also composed The Jellies! musical score for the animated series.

Tyler the Creator is a brilliant guy, and he’s proven to be particularly gifted with this brand of comedy. So, expect The Jellies! to have all the lulz.

Phil LaMarr, Blake Anderson, AJ Johnson and Kevin Michael Richardson are also in the voice cast.

This is the second high-profile project for Tyler the Creator announced this week. His Nuts and Bolts show comes to Viceland in August, a series about “how things are made.”

Brian Linder
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