7 Terrible Fictional Presidents

Graham Host
TV Movies
TV Movies

If you think things are bad in America right now, remember it could always get worse. Don’t believe us? We’ve tracked down some of the most incredible, unbelievable, nigh impossibly bad presidents to have ever emerged from the infinite possibility of fiction. Here are seven of the worst presidents from TV and movies.


James Dale – Mars Attacks

When holding peace talks it’s important to not kill the messenger. When your messenger is killed, you don’t then invite the alien murderers to the White House. You don’t then invite them to speak with all of Congress. And for the love of sanity, you do not hold fire when they slaughter Congress, dismember your body and leave you a reanimated head. Of course, President James Dale did all of the above in Mars Attacks.


Abradolf Lincler – Rick and Morty

Anybody who has seen Rick and Morty will struggle to explain the show’s strange wonderfulness. Yet this nugget is weird, even by the usual standards of the show. In an effort to create a morally neutral super leader, Rick Sanchez combined the DNA of Abraham Lincoln – freer of slaves and historical good guy – and Adolf Hitler – no introduction, basically two steps from Satan himself – to form Abradolf Lincler.

Instead of the leader we needed, we got the one we deserved – a near bi-polar and emotionally confused wreck. Any thoughts of genocide would be quashed by the beard and top hat but any hopes of peace and co-existence would be marred by the handlebar mustache. Lincler eventually sacrificed himself saving the life of a party – beating out at least half of his heritage.


Baxter Harris – Scary Movie

Everyone loves a good spoof movie but Scary Movies are just awful. Possibly the worst part is their leader, Baxter Harris.

Of course, as bad as Harris was, he somehow returned for another term in Scary Movie 4. During an alien invasion, he allows a children’s story to distract him during a time of national crisis — not the most veiled reference ever.

Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbet Camacho – Idiocracy

A gun-toting, women-loving, dancing guru. Terry Crews portrays tDwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbet Camacho in Idiocracy. Voted in on his popularity with the people – and little else – Camacho rules over an America where scientific progress is discouraged and rational thought ridiculed. Crops are watered with sports drink, the economy is in danger of collapse and doctors literally cannot tell heads from bottoms.

After generations of stupid breeding, any trace of higher intelligence is gone from the crumbling wasteland. At least Camacho listened to the smartest person he could find.

Coriolanus Snow – The Hunger Games

Set in an America torn apart from civil war, The Hunger Games’ President Snow lives in the Capitol with the upper crust of society. Descendants of rebel factions are forced into twelve districts, each with their own area of expertise. Possibly the most worrying aspect of his regime is the continuation of the Hunger Games. As well as pitting children against each other, Snow manipulates the entire nation with a puppeteers grace.

Although a cruel and evil tyrant, Alma Coin would prove to be just as twisted from years of trying to understand his tactics. Merely through the act of existing, he spread evil and misery throughout what is left of the once United States.

Richard Nixon’s Head – Futurama

Somewhere in the next thousand years, the twenty-second amendment changes slightly from ‘no person’ to ‘no body’. Wriggling in on that technicality – and Bender’s pawned form – Nixon takes back office as the 30th President of Earth. Joining him once more is the – now headless body of – Spiro Agnew.

Quickly falling into old patterns, Nixon makes numerous questionable decisions. Everything from how to deal with an approaching apocalypse to actually running in a competitive election is used as inspiration for mockery. In a stunning turn of events, it even comes out that the moon landings were faked – on Venus! To quote the head man himself: “Arwhoooo!”

Lex Luthor – DC Animated Universe

Our Favorite Film Presidents

Presidential hair may be a trending topic, but comic fans know to fear the gleaming dome of a bald man – former President Luthor in the DC animated universe. We all expect a slight strain of corruption from the Presidents but Luthor took it to an extreme. The New Earth villain attempted to claim the majority of Gotham City for himself (right as they began rebuilding from an earthquake) only to be thwarted by Batman.

Although taken down by Batman and Superman, Luthor slips his way from any punishment by claiming Alexander Luthor usurped him and did the deeds.

Graham Host is a member of the Fan Contributor program. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Under no circumstances should he be fed after midnight.
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