The 5 Hardest Hitting Deaths in ‘The Flash’


The Flash has quickly become a super-hit show. One thing that makes The Flash so successful is the amazing writing. Greg Berlanti creates stories full of plot twists, blossoming romances, and overall kick-ass superhero action from all of Team Flash. However, the one aspect of the show that is guaranteed to make you shed a tear are the character deaths. These five deaths were the hardest to deal with.

Nora Allen

Nora Allen dying on floor of house in The Flash

In season one, Eobard Thawne murders Barry’s mother, Nora Allen, in front of a young Barry. This is the catalyst that sets off the whole storyline for the season. After witnessing his mother’s murder as a child, Barry becomes determined to solve his mother’s murder and prove his father’s innocence. So, he becomes a CSI Forensic Officer for Central City Police Department, and the rest is history. Or is it?

After his father dies, Barry decides to travel back in time to save his mother. However, in doing so, he creates an alternative timeline. During “Flashpoint“, we see the relationship between Barry and Nora as it would have been if she hadn’t been murdered. On the upside, Eobard Thawne is locked away, but on the downside, there is no Team Flash as the particle accelerator that gives Barry his speedster powers doesn’t affect him. In an unexpected plot twist, Barry eventually asks Eobard Thawne to kill his mother, making her death even more heart wrenching than it was the first time.

Eddie Thawne

eddie thawne the flash

‘Pretty boy’ police officer Eddie Thawne is introduced to us in season one after Barry wakes up from his coma. Barry learns that Eddie is Joe’s new partner in the CCPD as well as Iris’ boyfriend. We later learn that the Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne, is Eddie’s descendant from the future. However, the plan to send Eobard back to his time goes awry, so Eddie makes the decision to sacrifice himself. Eobard is erased from the timeline altogether, leaving us heartbroken. Eddie Thawne – the ultimate hero.

Cisco Ramon

cisco ramon is vibe the flash arrowverse

Cisco Ramon, our favourite mechanical engineer at STAR Labs, is the last person you would expect to be killed off in season one. We see Cisco find out who the Reverse Flash is early on, and so Reverse Flash kills him to protect his secret, stating that he regrets what he has to do as he thinks of Cisco as a son. This is guaranteed to make you reach for the tissues!

However, fans can rejoice as Barry’s accidental time travel creates an alternative timeline, and ultimately prevents the murder from happening. Because without Cisco, who would create Flash suits or nicknames for all the metahumans Team Flash come across?

Ronnie Raymond

Ronnie Raymond The Flash

At the beginning of season one, Barry questions why Caitlin does not smile much. We find out that she lost her fiancé on the night the particle accelerator exploded in STAR Labs. Her fiancé was Ronnie Raymond, the head engineer of the particle accelerator, who sacrificed himself on that night to save everyone in STAR Labs.

We later learn that he survived on the night of the particle accelerator explosion, merging with Dr. Martin Stein, becoming Firestorm. We are treated to Ronnie and Caitlin’s impromptu wedding out on the lawn outside STAR Labs. But, before we can celebrate Caitlin and Ronnie’s reunion, Ronnie (as Firestorm) helps Barry take down Reverse Flash as well as a singularity that occurs over Central City. Ronnie and Dr. Stein, as Firestorm, help Barry to close the black hole caused by the singularity. Only Dr. Stein survives, as Ronnie sacrifices himself to close it. Central City owe their lives to you, Ronnie!

Henry Allen

Henry_Allen the flash

Henry Allen is a man wronged on so many levels. He lost his wife in season one, is wrongly convicted of his wife’s murder, sentenced to Iron Heights Prison, and is branded a murderer. He had to watch his son grow up from behind bars and miss out on father-son moments. After Eobard Thawne posthumously confessed to murdering Nora Allen, Henry is released, thus reuniting father and son.

But, in a shocking plot twist in season two, a psychotic speedster named Hunter Zoloman, abducts Henry in front of Team Flash. After speeding over to Barry’s childhood home, with Barry chasing after him, he drives a vibrating hand through Henry Allen’s chest. The anguish on Barry’s face at watching his dad murdered in front of him is the cherry on the top, providing all viewers with heart failure! RIP Henry.

So even though the death’s in The Flash makes us feel like this:


Kudos to Greg Berlanti and his amazing team for making us suffer heartbreaks through an amazing show.

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