The Worst 2017 Emmy Snubs

Drew Dietsch

The 2017 Emmy nominations have arrived. Guess what? There is plenty they got wrong. Every year it seems like some obvious candidates get shafted. This year was no exception. We highlighted some of the most egregious examples of how the Emmys got 2017 wrong.

Michael McKean as Charles McGill in Better Call Saul

Once again, Michael McKean is not being recognized for his outstanding performance as Chuck McGill on Better Call Saul. It’s particularly egregious this year since Chuck had his most powerful and tragic episode yet with “Chicanery.” If McKean doesn’t end up with an Emmy by the time the show ends, it will be one of the biggest crimes in television history.

Aubrey Plaza as Lenny Busker in Legion

It was likely that Legion would be a little too weird for Emmy voters, but the fact that Aubrey Plaza’s delightful villain wasn’t given her due is worth a few ruffled feathers. She brought dark menace and sensuality to the role and we can’t wait to see her back in season two. Seriously, just watch that dance sequence above. Brilliant.

Lakeith Stanfield as Darius in Atlanta

Atlanta was one of the greatest revelations in recent years. One of the shows strongest weapons was Lakeith Stanfield as the enigmatic and philosophical Darius. He was a constant source of laughs but also insightful introspection. The scene at the shooting range perfectly captured his character’s simple and unconventional view of the world. Here’s hoping for next time.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nikki Swango in Fargo

Fargo’s third season may have been divisive among fans, but everyone agrees that Mary Elizabeth Winstead brought some of the best acting of her career to the role of Nikki Swango. Her true love for Ray Stussy and her fierce determination against anyone who stood in her way made her one of the breakout characters of 2017.

Ed Harris as the Man in Black in Westworld

Westworld nabbed plenty of nominations but it missed one for its wonderful villain. Harris’s Man in Black was a classically mythic villain and once we learned about his past, he became only more terrifying. Harris has always been one of our greatest actors and it’s a bummer to see one of his great roles get ignored.

Drew Dietsch
Drew Dietsch is an Entertainment Editor at FANDOM. He hosts a weekly film review podcast at his site, as well as the shark movies podcast Fin Flicks. If you need someone to talk about Jaws, RoboCop, horror movies, or why Batman Forever is highly underrated, Drew is your guy.
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