The World of Warcraft subreddit is going a little crazy right now because it looks like the location of the next World of Warcraft expansion has been leaked. And it’s not your average leak, the alleged confirmation comes from an unlikely source – a skirt.

The latest World of Warcraft patch (7.3) is currently in the Public Test Realm (PTR) and the folks over at the World ofWarcraft database website, Wowhead, have done some data-mining that seems to have unearthed some exciting news about the next expansion.

The latest build adds some new voiceover files, but it’s a new armour set that’s really catching fan attention. The PTR database has eight new icons for Kul Tiras Quest Armour, and the naming scheme gives even more away:

“These icons all follow the naming scheme of Inv_boots_cloth_kultiraquest_b_01”, states the Wowhead article. “Which is very similar to the naming scheme of icons used for quest gear in previous expansions.”

But that’s not all, when you look at the images of the new armour and zoom in at the side of the skirt, there’s actually a map of a new area. In fact, it looks incredibly like Kul Tiras, which is now believed by fans to be the location of the next World of Warcraft expansion.

It also looks like the new expansion will have a strong nautical theme thanks ot the barnacle and tentacle decorations on the armour.

World of Warcraft expansion
World of Warcraft expansion
World of Warcraft expansion
World of Warcraft expansion

Kul Tiras is a human city-state built on an island once located south-west of Lordaeron and west of Khaz Modan, but during the Cataclysm, the entire island was shifted out to sea by shifting tectonic plates. The location of the land and the city is still unknown.

It’s certainly a great mystery that needs to be solved in World of Warcraft and hopefully we’ll hear something more official from Blizzard soon.

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