World Premiere of ‘T2: Trainspotting’ Announced

Andrew Hawkins

Trainspotting 2 hits theaters in the UK on 27 January and the US a week later. Now we know where the movie will make its official debut.

Of course, the sequel to Trainspotting is set to premiere where it all started. Five days before the film launches in theaters, the returning cast, crew and production team will present the long awaited T2 at the Cineworld Cinema theater located in Edinburgh’s Fountain Park. This is exciting news for fans of the film and travelers able to make it to the event on 22 January.

Since we are just as psyched about Trainspotting as anybody else, we will be watching the teaser trailer religiously until the big day. Sony Pictures has released plenty of stills and details, and even Irvine Welsh has said he thinks T2 might be better than the original. There is still a lot of speculation from fans on what to expect from the plot and just how close to the novel’s sequel Porno it will be. Here is our look at a few of the film’s stills and what we think we know about Trainspotting 2.

Back to the Great Outdoors

Spud, Renton and Sick Boy appear to be back near the station where Tommy tried to take the group out for some fresh air. It’s been 20 years since Tommy tragically died of toxoplasmosis after contracting HIV. His character played a large part in Renton’s reformation and abandonment at the end of the film when the crew came back together for one last score. It looks like the three friends here are bringing flowers to mourn their lost mate and fellow footballer.

Rents, Sick Boy and Nikki

Nikki is the new addition to the Trainspotting world. In the follow-up sequel Porno by Irvine Welsh, she is a university student who Sick Boy takes under his wing. They work together to produce an adult film that lands them a spot competing for the Hot d’Or award in Cannes. Nikki’s story is a major subplot that takes place while Begbie is hunting down Renton, so we’ll see how close to Welsh’s sequel T2 actually is. Maybe all those DVDs in the background are a clue.

Renton Comes Home

From what we saw in the trailer, Renton returns to his parent’s house for a sit down with his dad. In the wide shot from the trailer, we see that the shadow of his mother is literally on the wall by the table. This gives us the impression that Renton’s mom has passed on and his father is now alone. It could be that this is the first time they have spoken since the events of Trainspotting which might lead to an emotional and possibly devastating reunion scene.

Begbie Watches the Telly

This still is the least revealing image of the set, but it’s easily the funniest. Begbie is out of prison for any number of offenses to include drug trafficking, destruction of private property, armed robbery and possibly murder. After 20 years of being locked up, Begbie is back in Edinburgh ready to take revenge on Renton for stealing his money and getting him locked up. At least he can finally kick up his feet and have a bottle of ale while watching something incredibly pink.

The Return of Mikey Forrester

Irvine Welsh is back as the character that caused Renton to wind up in the “Worst Toilet in Scotland.” Mikey Forrester was last seen in Trainspotting selling heroin suppositories to Rent-Boy at the beginning of the film. The cameo is brief but very memorable. When Welsh was asked by a fan if he would return to the role the author responded, “It’s all down to John Hodge who will be doing the screenplay.” This image looks like he is back and ready to do some serious business.

Andrew Hawkins
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