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Final Fantasy XV isn’t the only Final Fantasy title coming out this fall. There’s a brand new/extra old FF title that’s both adorable and a great tribute to the franchise’s history. World of Final Fantasy doesn’t just bring back old gameplay. The game also brings in so many classic Final Fantasy characters that you need a World of Final Fantasy character guide to keep them all straight. Seriously, in the trailer below the characters appear so quickly you can’t keep track of them all.

So, to clear up all the game’s guest stars, we’ve listed them all in this handy character guide. All the World of Final Fantasy characters listed in this handy guide, going in order from the oldest game to the newest. Plus, World of Final Fantasy even includes characters from lesser-known Final Fantasy spin-offs. Now, let’s begin at the beginning.

Final Fantasy

Warrior of Light


The leads in the original Final Fantasy weren’t characters, merely templates for jobs. When it came time to give them actual character types for crossovers like this one, we got Warrior of Light. This is a redesign based on Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork for the first game. Warrior of Light doesn’t have too deep a personality beyond bravery and commitment to defending…

Princess Sarah


The original FF begins with four heroes tasked with the typical “save the princess” objective. It grows much bigger from there, but that doesn’t mean Princess Sarah is any less essential to the plot. And much like in her first appearance, she supports the Warrior of Light in World of Final Fantasy as well.

Final Fantasy III



After correctly ignoring the terrible Final Fantasy II, we’ve got Refia from Final Fantasy III. Though not particularly deep in the Famicom version, the DS remake of FFIII gave Refia an update. Raised by a friendly blacksmith, Refia is the lone woman on the team in the game, offering support by mastering every job she can.

Final Fantasy IV


World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Sorry, fans of the rest of Final Fantasy IV‘s party. Rydia, the young Master Summoner is the only team member so far seen in the game. After tragically losing her entire village to the evil empire, she joins up with the rest of the party to take them down. As you can see in the above shot, she’s still a great Summoner in World of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy V

Bartz Klauser (With Boko)

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Sometimes localized as “Butz,” Bartz is the true, somewhat dense hero of Final Fantasy V. Seen here with his favorite Chocobo Boko, Bartz is just as chipper as usual in this cameo appearance. However, don’t let that smile fool you. Bartz is a master of just about every Job Class there is and vanquished the ultimate evil! Admittedly that evil was trapped in a tree, but seriously, it was hard.

Faris Scherwiz (With Syldra)

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Arr, mateys! It’s always “Talk Like A Pirate Day” for Faris. Though secretly a princess, Faris joins the team in FFV while captaining a pirate ship. She helps them in their quest to save the world while also discovering secrets about herself. She also befriends Syldra, Faris’ pet Hydra which she summons to deal massive damage.

Final Fantasy VI

Terra Branford

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Though Final Fantasy VI is more of an ensemble game, Terra is the closest thing to the protagonist. She’s the first the player controls, as she’s being used in a steampunk world that has all but erased magic. Terra spends much of the game confused before she learns that she’s been one of the lost Espers the entire time.

Edgar Roni Figaro

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

He may be wealthy and a constant flirt, but Edgar is one of the good guys. A master of machines, he’s also the King of Figaro and the twin brother of martial artist Sabine. He joins the team to try and stop the power-mad Kefka, though he also falls in love with…

Celes Chere

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Originally a General of an evil army, Celes sees the error of her ways and joins the good guys in FFVI. Celes is skilled at using Magitek Armor and is a very skilled Runic Knight as well. Celes has a tough exterior, but reveals intriguing vulnerabilities late in the game, making her a fan favorite.

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Cloud is Final Fantasy VII‘s lead character, and his biography isn’t as simple as it should be. Sure, he thinks he’s a former member of an elite group of soldiers. When that’s revealed to be a sham, it shatters his world until he learns more compassion for both his friends and the world at large. Cloud then becomes one of the most powerful defenders of Midgard, saving it multiple times with his team and trusty Buster Sword.

Tifa Lockhart

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Tifa is one of the most talented team members in all of FFVII. Tifa is Cloud’s childhood friend who convinces him to help her band of rebels fight Shinra. Whenever Cloud is at his lowest point, Tifa is usually there to support and love the poor amnesiac. Her hometown was destroyed by…


World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Aw, what a charming sociopath. Sephiroth might just be the most popular bad boy in gaming history. An accomplished soldier, Sephiroth turns on his bosses and decides to cleanse the earth in a fiery meteor. He’s stopped by the heroes in FFVII, though even death can’t truly stop him. Sephiroth just keeps coming back in sequels, prequels, remakes, and spinoffs like World of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy VIII

Squall Leonhart

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Don’t let his grumpy exterior fool you. Squall cares about everyone in Final Fantasy VIIISquall is a master of the Gunblade, a hybrid weapon so cool it’s both a gun and sword! He uses it to defend people as a member of SeeD, and his tough exterior fades away when he meets the love of his life.

Quistis Trepe

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Quistis is one of Squall’s SeeD teammates. A child prodigy, Quistis joined SeeD at a young age and quickly became an expert in both cards and Blue Mage work. She begins the game romantically interested in Squall but later is fine just being friends. Could she be just as skilled at support in World of Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy IX

Vivi Ornitier

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Black Mages are some of the cutest users of magic around, and in Final Fantasy IX Vivi put a name to that popular class. He’s a shy and gullible party member that is surrounded by a mysterious black aura throughout the game. Though his final fate is somewhat ambiguous in FFIX, he’s back in full force in this game.

Eiko Carol

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

A native of Madain Sari, Eiko is another party member of FFIX. Though she’s one of the smaller members of the team, she can summon some powerful friends. Eiko’s Summoner abilities help out multiple times across the campaign, and she brings those skills to World of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy X


World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Tidus might just be a dream, but this blitzball player is one of Final Fantasy’s most popular heroes. Final Fantasy X opens with Tidus in an important blitzball game that transports him to the world of Spira. In a quest to get home, he meets some funky characters and learns some difficult truths. But don’t worry, he still keeps a positive outlook even when his world disappears around him.


World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Yuna is FFX‘s summoner and Tidus’ true love. She’s also out to destroy Sin, the Beast destroying her world, making it awkward to discover Tidus’ connection to Sin. Yuna is also the star of Final Fantasy X-2, where she’s empowered by Dress Spheres (seriously). Though it looks like she is in her FFX garb in World of Final Fantasy.


World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Someone who is dressed up like their in Final Fantasy X-2 is Rikku. Yuna’s cousin and the daughter of Cid, Rikku is supporting Yuna every step of the way on all her quests. Rikku’s upbeat attitude is often help to her teammates, as are her skills as a thief.

Final Fantasy XI


World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Despite being an MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI has its fair share of representation in this spinoff. It comes in the form of Shantotto, an NPC and quest giver from the game. She’s an adorable black mage that remains of fan favorite of folks still dedicated to FFXI.

Final Fantasy XIII


World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Aw, poor Final Fantasy XII is looked over in this crossover, but it’s hard to ignore Lightning. This super-skilled, occasional goddess starred in multiple games in the Final Fantasy XIII series, so she was a lock to appear here. And she’s showing off her impressive newer duds from her appearance in Lightning Returns.

Snow Villiers

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Snow is another of FFXIII‘s team members and a popular one at that. He’s the fiance of Lightning’s sister Serah, and he joins in the search for her. Things don’t work out well for Snow once he finds Serah, unfortunately. In both the sequels, Snow falls into the background, often suffering from the amnesia that plagues many Final Fantasy heroes.

Final Fantasy XIII-2


World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Also known as Chocolina, this feisty character is going by her FFXIII-2 alias. She’s a Chocobo enthusiast that assists Lightning and her pals across multiple games, and she’s doing the same for the heroes of World of Final Fantasy. Much like in her original appearances, you’ll find her running a shop.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Shelke Rui

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Though many FF fans choose to forget Dirge of Cerebus, the game’s mysterious girl is in World of Final Fantasy. Shelke is the young lady Vincent helps in the FFVII spiinoff. Hopefully, she’ll be more fun in this game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

World of Final Fantasy Character Guide

Wow, even the Crystal Chronicles subseries gets some love in this game. In Echoes of Time, Sherlotta is a 2000-year-old immortal and protector of one of the game’s titular Crystals. She’s a quest giver in that game and has a similar support role in World of Final Fantasy.

Kingdom Hearts


Sora Kingdom Hearts World of Final Fantasy DLC

Though not in the shipped game, Kingdom Hearts gets to join in the fun via DLC. And it’s not surprising that Sora would be included because he has more than a little in common with the stars of World of Final Fantasy. More importantly, will his appearance have any hints to the plot of Kingdom Hearts III? We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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