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WonderCon: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Interviews


April 1st marks a major shift in the fate of the characters on Sleepy Hollow. This past weekend, we here at Fandom were lucky enough to speak with the cast members who make up a good part of Team Witness on the show. We saw what the next episode has to offer, and for fans of the series who are eagerly waiting for what’s going to happen at the end of this season, Delaware packs a wallop.

We talked with actors Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman who portray Jenny Mills and Joe Corbin whose characters are steadily becoming more romantically attached on the show. Nikki Reed spoke with us about her role as Betsy Ross, and Jessica Camacho told us about what it takes to portray agent Sophie Foster.

Sleepy Hollow: Nikki Reed

Sleepy Hollow: Jessica Camacho

Sleepy Hollow: Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman

Show producer and writer Raven Metzner also talked to us about what goes into being a part of the development team and where he draws from for inspiration. The audience at WonderCon who witnessed a sneak preview of Delaware were blown away by some of the twists that take place. During the Q&A afterwards, fans were told that the next chapter of Sleepy Hollow will focus on “the whole idea of what a Witness is and that bloodlines will be very important. This will be quite a finale for the Sleepy Heads. Let’s just hope they find a way to bring Sherriff Corbin back.

Sleepy Hollow: Raven Metzner

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Wondercon 2016

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