WonderCon: ‘Lights Out’ Interviews

Nick Nunziata

Lights Out is going to be a pretty big deal. If the response to the trailer this weekend is any indication, first time filmmaker David F. Sandberg has a really electric horror movie on his hands. The gasps were plentiful and genuine as the audience witnessed the feature-length incarnation of the wildly popular short film of the same name. Here’s the first half of my chats with the folks behind the scenes on the movie:

Maria Bello, actress:

[ooyala video=x2aHhkMjE6uXPNNrVH4Ut519jYmOjyPY][/ooyala]

Lawrence Grey, producer:

[ooyala video=xyaHhkMjE6BH42F0bytRAcohsGIMhVsK][/ooyala]

Previously from WonderCon on Lights Out:

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