WonderCon: Highlights from the ‘Stitchers’ Panel


At WonderCon today, the cast and crew of Stitchers gave fans a sneak peek at the first 10 minutes of upcoming Season 2 Episode 2 “Hack Me If You Can” and answered questions about science and stitching.

Stitchers centers on Kirsten Clark, a young woman with a unique disorder called temporal dysplasia, resulting in a lack of time perception. Kirsten is recruited into a government agency to be “stitched” into the memories of the recently deceased to help solve murders and mysteries. Team Stitchers also includes Cameron, a brilliant neuroscientist, Linus, a biolelectrical engineer, Camille, a computer science grad student and Kirsten’s roommate, and Maggie, the head of the covert program.

The show just kicked off its second season, following a dramatic first season finale that left the team reeling with Cameron’s brush with death and unanswered questions about the Stitchers program as a whole. “Hack Me If You Can” helps set the tone for the season – Linus has moved out of his parents’ house into a tricked out, teched out pad. Cameron’s near death experience has him taking risks and shopping for motorcycles. And the team investigates the sudden death of a white hat hacker.

Here are the other highlights from the panel, featuring Emma Ishta (Kirsten), Kyle Harris (Cameron), Ritesh Rajan (Linus), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Maggie), Allison Scagliotti (Camille), Damon Dayoub (Detective Quincy Fisher, promoted to series regular for Season 2), and Executive Producer Jeffrey Schechter. The panel was moderated by Vine star Logan Paul, who guest stars this season as Camille’s older brother, Theo.

Kirsten and Cameron Have Both Been Rebooted

After being stitched into the not-quite-dead-but-then-flatlined-and-revived Cameron in the Season 1 finale, Kirsten has rediscovered feelings, and Cameron has been brought back from the dead. No longer suffering from temporal dysplasia, Kirsten is now entirely a new person and learning how to handle the emotions. Cameron, on the other hand, has a new take on life. He stared death in the face and now he’s going to take life by the balls and live every day like it could be his last. We’ll see what this means for #Camsten.

The Science is Real(ish)

Schecter likes to say the show is 20 minutes into the future, which means it’s somewhat based on real science (e.g., nanobot technology). Harris uses post-it notes to remember all the sci-fi jargon in the show, Rajan says he has a pass because he’s Indian and knows everything about math and science, and Scagliotti simply states, “It’s not real.”

Kirsten’s New Suit is Not Comfortable

Kirsten has a new suit for the fish tank, and it’s pretty badass. Ishta says it looks great but “it’s the worst thing I’ve ever worn. It’s very uncomfortable.” Apparently it’s also not very waterproof. She has a wet suit for the tank and a dry suit for other scenes. Season 2 has Ishta in the tank for a minimal amount of time relative to Season 1, where her longest time in the water was nine hours.

If They Could Play Another Character…

Rajan would play Maggie, because she’s the most opposite to Linus — where Linus is very open about his personal life, Maggie is very protective. Richardson-Whitfield would play Allison because she’s kicking butt, she’s a smart alec, and she’s smart and edgy. Dayoub would play Kirsten because “she gets to fall asleep in the bathtub for nine hours.”

A Lot of Camille’s One-Liners are Improvised


Scagliotti improvs a lot of witty lines, some of which stay in the show and some of which don’t. Her favorite one-liner? “You guys, what a time to be alive.”

Stitch Goals

If they could be stitched into the memory of anyone else, dead or alive, here’s who they’d choose:

Paul: Abraham Lincoln
Ishta: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Richardson-Whitfield: Donald Trump. “I want to know what’s going on.”
Harris: John Lennon
Rajan: His dad. “Because he’s such a weirdo, but he’s hilarious.”
Scagliotti: David Bowie
Schecter: Einstein, or himself, so he could see the things he’s forgotten.  Deep thoughts by Jeff Schecter.

Other Fun Facts

Dayoub revealed, “We all know how much Kyle loves his hair.” Apparently Harris hasn’t seen most of the movies that he has to quote in the show, and Scagliotti is in a band called Nice Enough (and the drummer is a writer on Stitchers). Scagliotti also “casually” took up krav maga recently, and they worked that into Camille’s character on the show, with Scagliotti’s real life Krav instructor making a cameo.

What to Look Forward to in Season 2

Season 2, Episode 2 "Hack Me if You Can"

The stitches get more interesting, dark and edgy, as does the whole look of the show. Everyone gets NSA badges this season, to which Scagliotti says, “We’re not qualified for the badges, but we use them.” Kirsten, who has “Daddy issues,” deals with her family past. Emotions come into play big time. And Fisher takes his shirt off.

Stitchers is on Tuesdays at 10pm on Freeform. And be sure to check out all of Fandom’s WonderCon coverage here.

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