WonderCon: Here’s Arseface From ‘Preacher’!

Nick Nunziata

One of the main things AMC’s Preacher has to get right is the signature characters that made the comic such a timeless classic. Without an iconic Saint of Killers or a manic and vulgar vampire Cassidy the show loses its bite. The same goes for Eugene Root, AKA “Arseface”. The survivor or a self-inflicted shotgun wound and the son of the local sheriff, Arseface is possibly Preacher‘s most important side character to get right. He’s a tragic but also emotionally vital part of the story and his unique appearance and characterization means everything. World, here’s your first look at the character:



I saw the episode and will be sharing my take on it later today as well as sharing much info from interviews with the show’s stars and creator, but Arseface deserves a spotlight all his own. And if you’re wondering what’s in his delicious looking milkshake and would like one for yourself, take pause. There’s raw meat, eggs, and God knows what else in that unholy concoction.

Preacher debuts on May 22nd at 10pm on AMC. And for more WonderCon 2016 coverage, click right here!

Nick Nunziata
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