WonderCon: Is There a ‘Damien’ Curse… For Birds?

Nick Nunziata

This Monday fans of Damien will get to see a man totally mutilate his genitalia. And that’s apparently not in the running for the darkest and strangest thing to be happening in the episode. They screened the first 21 minutes of the upcoming episode, but it appears that the private damage is only the tip of the iceberg. Things are escalating rather quickly on the show and for fans of the intrigue of the society within society, Barbara Hershey and Scott Wilson have a meaty scene between them that alludes to the machinations in place to bring the AntiChrist’s reign to the forefront. Because of the taboo nature of the show, there are always those stories of weird things that happen in real life that makes one wonder if there are larger forces at play.

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Glen Mazzara, in addition to running the show, is also the premiere source for bird mutilation stories. Apparently, there has been a spate of avian deaths associated with the project from the beginning. Birds flying into windows, hawks devouring pigeons in front of a terrified crew, and a mutilated bird on the set with no explanation. Because the show features birds slamming into windows and bird embryos in bathtubs, perhaps they’ve invoked some odd curse. Or it’s a coincidence. We hope. The idea of a vengeful bird god is too much to bear.

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The panel showcased a great rapport between the stars and the creator, but the overriding takeaway was that Damien is a show that needs to get its hooks in before the audience really knows what they have. Monday night by all accounts, will factor heavily into that.

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