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‘Wolverine 3’ Villains Revealed

Wolverine 3 is currently shooting in New Orleans and that means that scoops are beginning to break about the production. We already know that the third Wolverine film — reportedly the last time Hugh Jackman will portray the character — will be aiming for an R rating and will take some inspiration from the Old Man Logan comic story. Today’s news gives us even more info about the film, but you may consider some of this spoilers so go away if you want to remain pure.

The word is that the Reavers will be one of the main antagonist forces in the movie. The Reavers are a group of cyborgs known for their hatred of mutants. How they will be utilized in the movie remains to be seen, but it’s obvious from their inclusion means that Logan will have a number of adversaries to face this time around.


What makes this an interesting bit of news is the fact that one of Wolverine’s greatest foes, Lady Deathstrike, is one of the more prominent members of the Reavers. Even though she was used sparsely in X2: X-Men United, the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past essentially rewrote the entire continuity of the X-Men film canon. It’s possible that Lady Deathstrike could make a reappearance for Logan’s final adventure.

Expect more news of Wolverine 3 (hopefully an official title) to crop up in the coming weeks as production gets underway. Hugh Jackman’s last time as Logan will certainly be newsworthy and we’ll keep you up to date with all the developments.

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