‘Wolfenstein II’: 5 Things to Know Before You Play

Nico Faraguna

The Wolfenstein series makes it’s emphatic return to consoles and PC’s with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, that boats an engrossing story and gratifying gameplay. The game picks up where 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order left off: aboard a stolen German U-Boat with the intention of leading the second American Revolution against Nazi occupied America. Here is everything you need to know before you start Wolfenstein II to make sure the revolution goes off without a hitch.

Explore Levels

Subtle, but a big change between The New Order and The New Colossus is the level design. Players will notice that each level will have multiple points of entry, shortcuts, and elevated paths. Depending on your preferred playstyle, you’ll want to be aware of your surroundings and keep a keen eye for any advantageous positions. A varied path might make you clear a level more efficiently, or perhaps make your Wolfenstein II experience more fun!

Upgrade Your Weapons

Most of the arsenal at your disposal in Wolfenstein II is familiar for veterans of the franchise. However, if this is your first venture into the Wolfenstein series, don’t fret. The weapon loadout is fairly standard; Pistol, SMG, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Flamethrower, etc. To upgrade these weapons, you’ll need to locate “weapon kits” during your playthrough. Each “weapon kit” will allow you to allocate an upgrade to a weapon of your choice. Each weapon will have three upgrades to choose from. You’ll want to be particular with what you select, as “weapon kits” can be tough to find.

Choose Your Body Mod Wisely

At a certain point in Wolfenstein II, you’ll come across one of the hardest decisions in your video game career. Ok, we’re kidding — it’s not that big of a deal, but you still want to pay attention. You’ll be given the opportunity to equip one of three devices that will alter gameplay going forward. Ram Shackles will provide the ability to break down doors, stun enemies, and disable armored units. The Constrictor Harness grants you the dexterity to squeeze through small vents and narrow spaces. And lastly, Battle Walkers are hi-tech stilts that will propel you to heights, allowing you to reach platforms or skip sections of a level. If you’re worried about which one to choose, you don’t have to worry. The two additional devices can be obtained through side missions.

Experiment Liberally

One of the neatest facets about The New Colossus is that the perks feature keep you out of the menu screen and on the battlefield. Perks are upgraded through killing enemies in a specific fashion. Ten headshots on an enemy? Boom, you get a perk allowing you to do more damage via headshots. Racked up a bunch of kills while dual-wielding? Now you have a higher ammo capacity. To make protagonist B.J. stronger, you should actively try using different techniques, weapons, and playstyles to amass kills. It’s safe to say that each weapon has an upgradeable perk, so make sure to use everything in your arsenal as often as you can!

Take Out Kommandant’s Quickly

Arguably the weakest enemy in the game, Kommandants pose little threat to you in a direct combat situation. However, their presence causes a lot of issues. If you’re spotted by any enemy, Kommandants will quickly trigger an alarm bell that will have reinforcements swarming to your position and keep you scrambling for cover, health, and ammunition. To keep it simple and easy — killing Kommandants are you’re number one priority when they’re in the area.

With all that being said, we’d probably recommend playing this game on the normal/easy threshold on your first playthrough. It’s fun to be challenged, but the game series is catered to a “guns blazing” style of play. For more information about the game itself, head over to the Wolfenstein Wiki to get debriefed on missions, weapons, characters, and more!

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