Will There Be a ‘The Wolf Among Us’ Sequel?


Telltale is on a roll lately with their licensed series. Minecraft: Story Mode gave fans of the building sandbox game a whimsical, fun narrative and backstory to explore, and The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2 broke new ground in the adventure genre while taking players on a dark and depressing journey featuring well-developed characters. One of their lesser-known licensed games, The Wolf Among Us, manages to stand out as one of their most original titles, and fans have been anxiously awaiting news of The Wolf Among Us Season 2. 

What Is The Wolf Among Us?

The Wolf Among Us is based on the Fable comic series about the lives of famous fairy tale characters hiding out in Manhattan. The series features iconic characters like Beauty and the Beast and Snow White trying to lead (relatively) normal lives in peace in the underfunded and unkempt community of Fabletown. These Fables are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after being forced to flee their fairytale roots in the Homelands.

The Wolf Among Us

Sheriff Bigby Wolf protects the Fables from each other and tries to keep the peace in Fabletown. We see during Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us that this is often a difficult task. The episode begins with Bigby breaking up a domestic disturbance between The Woodsman and a young girl named Faith, and closes with the discovery of a severed head on the doorstep of his apartment building. The rest of the season is even more of a rollercoaster ride, with evidence leading Bigby in several different directions while he tries to discover the identity of the killer. 

Is a Sequel in the Works?

Last February, Telltale sent out a cryptic tweet which simply read “#seeyouaround.” Since then they have continued to drop hints of a second game. Fans are beyond excited, hoping for the official announcement of a Wolf Among Us sequel. However, there are a few obstacles in the way of a Season 2.

Lack of Brand Recognition

TWAU has a lot less brand recognition and media presence than Minecraft, The Walking Dead, or the recent Batman game. TWD has a top-rated TV show and comics to help promote the games, while Minecraft has been a success for people of all ages, and has the backing of Microsoft, who purchased developer Mojang back in 2014. The Wolf Among Us is based on a small comic series with no other media extensions. It is a tougher sell to Telltale, who has limited time and development resources, and has to go with sure things when deciding their upcoming lineup. 

Are There New Stories to Tell?

Telltale may have already told the story they wanted to tell in the first game. Season 1 featured a rich and lengthy story, but it had a very nebulous ending that was open to interpretation. Fans immediately began to formulate and discuss theories as soon as the last episode dropped, and it’s possible that is exactly what Telltale wanted to happen. The ending did allude to the possibility of a second season, so fans can only hope that Telltale does choose to go back to the world of Fables and resolve some of the unanswered questions from Season 1. 

Telltale’s Bandwidth

The last thing standing in the way of The Wolf Among Us Season 2 is the fact that Telltale is practically drowning in projects right now. They just released Episode 1 of the aforementioned Batman series, and they are working on The Walking Dead Season Three, Season 2 of Game of Thrones, and a Marvel game. With all of these games in production, one has to wonder when Telltale would find the time or production resources to work on a The Wolf Among Us sequel. 

The Wolf Among Us was an excellent game that deserves recognition and a sequel. Fandom is a powerful thing, so if enough fans speak up and tell Telltale they want more adventures of Bigby Wolf, Snow White, and the rest of the twisted cast of TWAU, we may just see The Wolf Among Us Season 2 become a reality and not just the stuff of fairytales. 


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